Michael Sheen
Date of Birth
Feb 05, 1969
Birth Place:
Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Timothy Spall Alice Through the Looking Glass
2016 Alan Rickman Alice Through the Looking Glass
2016 Barbara Windsor Alice Through the Looking Glass
2016 Sacha Baron Cohen Alice Through the Looking Glass
2016 Anne Hathaway Alice Through the Looking Glass
2016 Johnny Depp Alice Through the Looking Glass
2016 Helena Bonham Carter Alice Through the Looking Glass
2016 Lindsay Duncan Alice Through the Looking Glass
2016 Stephen Fry Alice Through the Looking Glass
2016 Laurence Fishburne Passengers
2014 Oliver Platt Kill the Messenger
2014 Tim Blake Nelson Kill the Messenger
2014 Ray Liotta Kill the Messenger
2014 Richard Schiff Kill the Messenger
2014 Andy Garcia Kill the Messenger
2014 Barry Pepper Kill the Messenger
2013 Wallace Shawn Admission
2013 Tina Fey Admission
2013 Lily Tomlin Admission
2013 Paul Rudd Admission
2013 Sam Neill The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box
2011 Laura San Giacomo Few Options
2011 Brad Dourif Few Options
2011 Toni Collette Jesus Henry Christ
2011 Owen Wilson Midnight in Paris
2011 Adrien Brody Midnight in Paris
2011 Kathy Bates Midnight in Paris
2010 Crispin Glover Alice in Wonderland
2010 Christopher Lee Alice in Wonderland
2010 Alan Rickman Alice in Wonderland
2010 Anne Hathaway Alice in Wonderland
2010 Barbara Windsor Alice in Wonderland
2010 Timothy Spall Alice in Wonderland
2010 Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderland
2010 Lindsay Duncan Alice in Wonderland
2010 Stephen Fry Alice in Wonderland
2010 Helena Bonham Carter Alice in Wonderland
2010 Maria Bello Beautiful Boy
2010 Meat Loaf Beautiful Boy
2010 Dennis Quaid The Special Relationship
2010 Hope Davis The Special Relationship
2010 Lucy Liu Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
2010 Jeff Bridges Tron: Legacy
2010 Donnelly Rhodes Tron: Legacy
2010 Samuel L. Jackson Unthinkable
2010 Carrie-Anne Moss Unthinkable
2010 Martin Donovan Unthinkable
2009 Colm Meaney The Damned United
2009 Jim Broadbent The Damned United
2009 Timothy Spall The Damned United
2009 Graham Greene The Twilight Saga: New Moon
2009 Bill Nighy Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
2008 Patty McCormack Frost/Nixon
2008 Frank Langella Frost/Nixon
2008 Sam Rockwell Frost/Nixon
2008 Kevin Bacon Frost/Nixon
2008 Oliver Platt Frost/Nixon
2007 Hector Elizondo Music Within
2007 Rebecca De Mornay Music Within
2006 Djimon Hounsou Blood Diamond
2006 Jennifer Connelly Blood Diamond
2006 Leonardo DiCaprio Blood Diamond
2006 James Cromwell The Queen
2006 Helen Mirren The Queen
2006 Sylvia Syms The Queen
2006 Bill Nighy Underworld: Evolution
2006 Kate Beckinsale Underworld: Evolution
2006 Derek Jacobi Underworld: Evolution
2005 Liam Neeson Kingdom of Heaven
2005 Jeremy Irons Kingdom of Heaven
2005 Brendan Gleeson Kingdom of Heaven
2005 Orlando Bloom Kingdom of Heaven
2005 David Thewlis Kingdom of Heaven
2005 Edward Norton Kingdom of Heaven
2005 David Warner The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse
2004 Shirley Henderson Dirty Filthy Love
2004 Parker Posey Laws of Attraction
2004 Julianne Moore Laws of Attraction
2004 Frances Fisher Laws of Attraction
2004 Pierce Brosnan Laws of Attraction
2003 Margaret Tyzack Bright Young Things
2003 Peter O'Toole Bright Young Things
2003 Bill Paterson Bright Young Things
2003 John Mills Bright Young Things
2003 Emily Mortimer Bright Young Things
2003 Frances O'Connor Timeline
2003 Billy Connolly Timeline
2003 David Thewlis Timeline
2003 Neal McDonough Timeline
2003 Kate Beckinsale Underworld
2003 Bill Nighy Underworld
2002 Heath Ledger The Four Feathers
2002 Kate Hudson The Four Feathers
2002 Djimon Hounsou The Four Feathers
2002 Mark Addy Heartlands
1997 Gemma Jones Wilde
1997 Vanessa Redgrave Wilde
1997 Stephen Fry Wilde
1997 Jude Law Wilde
1997 Jennifer Ehle Wilde
1997 Tom Wilkinson Wilde
1996 Julia Roberts Mary Reilly
1996 Ciarán Hinds Mary Reilly
1996 John Malkovich Mary Reilly
1996 Michael Gambon Mary Reilly
1996 Glenn Close Mary Reilly
1996 George Cole Mary Reilly
1995 Laurence Fishburne Othello
1995 Kenneth Branagh Othello
1995 Irène Jacob Othello
1995 Gabriele Ferzetti Othello
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