Michael Rooker
Date of Birth
Apr 06, 1955
Birth Place:
Jasper, AL

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 John C. Reilly Guardians of the Galaxy
2014 Stan Lee Guardians of the Galaxy
2014 Vin Diesel Guardians of the Galaxy
2014 Djimon Hounsou Guardians of the Galaxy
2014 Josh Brolin Guardians of the Galaxy
2014 Glenn Close Guardians of the Galaxy
2014 Benicio Del Toro Guardians of the Galaxy
2012 Ray Wise Brother's Keeper
2012 Scott Wilson The Walking Dead: Season 03
2011 Martin Landau Mysteria
2011 Danny Glover Mysteria
2011 Billy Zane Mysteria
2011 Peter Mark Richman Mysteria
2010 Rick Schroder Blood Done Sign My Name
2010 Bruce Greenwood Cell 213
2010 Linda Hamilton Jonah Hex
2010 Vilmos Zsigmond Louis
2010 Anthony Mackie Louis
2010 Liv Tyler Super
2010 Kevin Bacon Super
2010 Lloyd Kaufman Super
2010 Linda Cardellini Super
2009 Temuera Morrison The Marine 2
2009 Jason Alexander Meteor
2009 Christopher Lloyd Meteor
2009 Stacy Keach Meteor
2009 Jason Connery Penance
2009 James Duval Penance
2008 Peter Coyote Hope & Redemption: The Lena Baker Story
2008 Tom Hulce Jumper
2008 Diane Lane Jumper
2008 Samuel L. Jackson Jumper
2008 Adam West Super Capers
2008 Tom Sizemore Super Capers
2008 Jon Polito Super Capers
2008 June Lockhart Super Capers
2008 Clint Howard Super Capers
2007 William Baldwin Full Count
2007 Chris Klein Full Count
2007 Buck Taylor The Hard Ride
2006 Linda Hamilton Thief [TV Series]
2006 Andre Braugher Thief [TV Series]
2005 Gary Busey Chasing Ghosts
2005 Meat Loaf Chasing Ghosts
2005 Michael Madsen Chasing Ghosts
2003 Diane Keaton On Thin Ice
2003 Lothaire Bluteau On Thin Ice
2002 Ving Rhames Undisputed
2002 Peter Falk Undisputed
2002 Wesley Snipes Undisputed
2002 Fisher Stevens Undisputed
2001 Jean-Claude Van Damme Replicant
2000 Wendy Crewson The 6th Day
2000 Robert Duvall The 6th Day
2000 Tony Goldwyn The 6th Day
2000 Arnold Schwarzenegger The 6th Day
2000 Michael Rapaport The 6th Day
2000 Leelee Sobieski Here On Earth
2000 Annette O'Toole Here On Earth
2000 Bruce Greenwood Here On Earth
2000 Josh Hartnett Here On Earth
2000 Chris Klein Here On Earth
2000 Robert Culp Newsbreak
2000 Greg Mullavey Newsbreak
2000 Judge Reinhold Newsbreak
2000 Luis Guzman Table One
2000 Stephen Baldwin Table One
2000 Burt Young Table One
1999 Denzel Washington The Bone Collector
1999 Luis Guzman The Bone Collector
1999 Angelina Jolie The Bone Collector
1999 Ed O'Neill The Bone Collector
1999 Queen Latifah The Bone Collector
1999 Rebecca De Mornay Wicked Ways
1999 Lisa Zane Wicked Ways
1998 Brad Dourif Brown's Requiem
1998 Christopher Meloni Brown's Requiem
1998 Harold Gould Brown's Requiem
1998 Brion James Brown's Requiem
1998 Valerie Perrine Brown's Requiem
1998 Rosanna Arquette Deceiver
1998 Ellen Burstyn Deceiver
1998 Tim Roth Deceiver
1998 Renée Zellweger Deceiver
1998 Chris Penn Deceiver
1998 Chow Yun-Fat The Replacement Killers
1998 Jürgen Prochnow The Replacement Killers
1998 Mira Sorvino The Replacement Killers
1997 Brian Doyle-Murray JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Frank Whaley JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Jack Lemmon JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Bob Gunton JFK: Director's Cut
1997 John Seitz JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Jay O. Sanders JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Sissy Spacek JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Donald Sutherland JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Pruitt Taylor Vince JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Joe Pesci JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Gary Oldman JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Vincent D'Onofrio JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Tommy Lee Jones JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Kevin Costner JFK: Director's Cut
1997 John Candy JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Sally Kirkland JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Walter Matthau JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Lolita Davidovich JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Laurie Metcalf JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Ed Asner JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Kevin Bacon JFK: Director's Cut
1997 Paul Benjamin Rosewood
1997 Don Cheadle Rosewood
1997 Jon Voight Rosewood
1997 Esther Rolle Rosewood
1997 Ving Rhames Rosewood
1997 David Strathairn The Song of Hiawatha
1997 Graham Greene The Song of Hiawatha
1996 Bobcat Goldthwait Back to Back
1996 Lyle Lovett Bastard out of Carolina
1996 Laura Dern Bastard out of Carolina
1996 Glenne Headly Bastard out of Carolina
1996 Jennifer Jason Leigh Bastard out of Carolina
1996 Dermot Mulroney Bastard out of Carolina
1996 Ron Eldard Bastard out of Carolina
1996 Diana Scarwid Bastard out of Carolina
1996 Christina Ricci Bastard out of Carolina
1996 Jena Malone Bastard out of Carolina
1996 Elisabeth Shue The Trigger Effect
1996 Richard Schiff The Trigger Effect
1996 Kyle MacLachlan The Trigger Effect
1996 Dermot Mulroney The Trigger Effect
1995 Cameron Diaz Keys to Tulsa
1995 James Coburn Keys to Tulsa
1995 Eric Stoltz Keys to Tulsa
1995 Deborah Kara Unger Keys to Tulsa
1995 James Spader Keys to Tulsa
1995 Mary Tyler Moore Keys to Tulsa
1995 Kevin Smith Mallrats
1995 Elizabeth Ashley Mallrats
1995 Stan Lee Mallrats
1995 Ben Affleck Mallrats
1995 Jason Lee Mallrats
1995 Priscilla Barnes Mallrats
1995 Janeane Garofalo Suspicious
1994 Eric Roberts The Hard Truth
1993 Ralph Waite Cliffhanger
1993 Janine Turner Cliffhanger
1993 Max Perlich Cliffhanger
1993 Sylvester Stallone Cliffhanger
1993 Paul Winfield Cliffhanger
1993 John Lithgow Cliffhanger
1993 Sam Elliott Tombstone
1993 Val Kilmer Tombstone
1993 Powers Boothe Tombstone
1993 Robert John Burke Tombstone
1993 Terry O'Quinn Tombstone
1993 Robert Mitchum Tombstone
1993 Dana Delany Tombstone
1993 Hugh O'Brian Tombstone
1993 Michael Biehn Tombstone
1993 Thomas Haden Church Tombstone
1993 Stephen Lang Tombstone
1993 Charlton Heston Tombstone
1993 Billy Zane Tombstone
1993 Billy Bob Thornton Tombstone
1993 Bill Paxton Tombstone
1993 Harry Carey, Jr. Tombstone
1993 Buck Taylor Tombstone
1993 Kurt Russell Tombstone
1992 Andy Romano Afterburn
1992 Vincent Spano Afterburn
1992 Laura Dern Afterburn
1992 Richard Jenkins Afterburn
1992 Robert Loggia Afterburn
1991 Amy Madigan The Dark Half
1991 Julie Harris The Dark Half
1991 Royal Dano The Dark Half
1991 Timothy Hutton The Dark Half
1991 John Candy JFK
1991 Kevin Costner JFK
1991 Lolita Davidovich JFK
1991 Tommy Lee Jones JFK
1991 Ed Asner JFK
1991 Walter Matthau JFK
1991 Laurie Metcalf JFK
1991 Sally Kirkland JFK
1991 Kevin Bacon JFK
1991 Pruitt Taylor Vince JFK
1991 Jay O. Sanders JFK
1991 Frank Whaley JFK
1991 Donald Sutherland JFK
1991 Sissy Spacek JFK
1991 Joe Pesci JFK
1991 Jack Lemmon JFK
1991 Vincent D'Onofrio JFK
1991 Brian Doyle-Murray JFK
1991 Gary Oldman JFK
1991 John Seitz JFK
1990 Randy Quaid Days of Thunder
1990 Don Simpson Days of Thunder
1990 Fred Dalton Thompson Days of Thunder
1990 John C. Reilly Days of Thunder
1990 Cary Elwes Days of Thunder
1990 Nicole Kidman Days of Thunder
1990 Robert Duvall Days of Thunder
1990 Tom Cruise Days of Thunder
1989 Anthony LaPaglia Gideon Oliver: Sleep Well, Professor Gideon
1989 Louis Gossett, Jr. Gideon Oliver: Sleep Well, Professor Gideon
1989 Marcia Gay Harden Gideon Oliver: Sleep Well, Professor Gideon
1989 David Margulies Gideon Oliver: Sleep Well, Professor Gideon
1989 Cynthia Nixon Gideon Oliver: Sleep Well, Professor Gideon
1989 Tom Sizemore Gideon Oliver: Sleep Well, Professor Gideon
1989 Jenny Wright Gideon Oliver: Sleep Well, Professor Gideon
1989 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa L.A. Takedown
1989 Donald Moffat Music Box
1989 Jessica Lange Music Box
1989 Lukas Haas Music Box
1989 Armin Mueller-Stahl Music Box
1989 Frederic Forrest Music Box
1989 Tom Mason Music Box
1989 John Goodman Sea of Love
1989 William Hickey Sea of Love
1989 Richard Jenkins Sea of Love
1989 Ellen Barkin Sea of Love
1989 Barbara Baxley Sea of Love
1989 Patricia Barry Sea of Love
1989 Al Pacino Sea of Love
1989 Samuel L. Jackson Sea of Love
1989 Lorraine Bracco Sea of Love
1988 Sharon Stone Above the Law
1988 Henry Silva Above the Law
1988 Pam Grier Above the Law
1988 Steven Seagal Above the Law
1988 John Cusack Eight Men Out
1988 John Sayles Eight Men Out
1988 Perry Lang Eight Men Out
1988 Kevin Tighe Eight Men Out
1988 Nancy Travis Eight Men Out
1988 David Strathairn Eight Men Out
1988 Charlie Sheen Eight Men Out
1988 D.B. Sweeney Eight Men Out
1988 Brad Garrett Eight Men Out
1988 John Mahoney Eight Men Out
1988 Christopher Lloyd Eight Men Out
1988 Michael Lerner Eight Men Out
1988 Clifton James Eight Men Out
1988 Stephen Tobolowsky Mississippi Burning
1988 Pruitt Taylor Vince Mississippi Burning
1988 Gene Hackman Mississippi Burning
1988 Tom Mason Mississippi Burning
1988 Frances McDormand Mississippi Burning
1988 R. Lee Ermey Mississippi Burning
1988 Brad Dourif Mississippi Burning
1988 Willem Dafoe Mississippi Burning
1988 Juliet Taylor Mississippi Burning
1988 Burt Reynolds Rent-A-Cop
1988 Richard Masur Rent-A-Cop
1988 Liza Minnelli Rent-A-Cop
1988 Robby Benson Rent-A-Cop
1988 Bernie Casey Rent-A-Cop
1987 Michael J. Fox Light of Day
1987 Cherry Jones Light of Day
1987 Jason Miller Light of Day
1987 Gena Rowlands Light of Day
1987 Michael McKean Light of Day
1984 Michael Paré Streets of Fire
1984 Rick Rossovich Streets of Fire
1984 Robert Townsend Streets of Fire
1984 Lynne Thigpen Streets of Fire
1984 Deborah Van Valkenburgh Streets of Fire
1984 Bill Paxton Streets of Fire
1984 Willem Dafoe Streets of Fire
1984 Amy Madigan Streets of Fire
1984 Diane Lane Streets of Fire
1984 Mykelti Williamson Streets of Fire
1984 Rick Moranis Streets of Fire
1984 Ed Begley, Jr. Streets of Fire
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