Michael Rapaport
Date of Birth
Mar 20, 1970
Birth Place:
New York, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Tom Wilkinson Little Boy
2015 Ben Chaplin Little Boy
2015 Emily Watson Little Boy
2015 Candice Azzara Little Boy
2015 Ted Levine Little Boy
2015 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Little Boy
2014 Sean Young My Man Is a Loser
2013 Sandra Bullock The Heat
2013 Jane Curtin The Heat
2013 Paul Sorvino Last I Heard
2013 Chazz Palminteri Last I Heard
2012 Billy Bob Thornton The Baytown Outlaws
2012 Andre Braugher The Baytown Outlaws
2011 Bruce Dern Inside Out
2011 Parker Posey Inside Out
2009 Talia Shire The Deported
2009 Paul Rodriguez The Deported
2008 Bruce Willis Assassination of a High School President
2007 Omar Epps A Day in the Life
2007 Clarence Williams III A Day in the Life
2007 Jason Lee My Name Is Earl: Season 03
2006 Ray Romano Grilled
2006 Burt Reynolds Grilled
2006 Jon Polito Grilled
2006 Caroline Aaron Grilled
2006 Juliette Lewis Grilled
2006 Chazz Palminteri Push
2005 Adam Arkin Hitch
2005 Eva Mendes Hitch
2005 Will Smith Hitch
2004 Karen Black America Brown
2004 Élodie Bouchez America Brown
2004 Regina King The N Word
2004 Samuel L. Jackson The N Word
2004 John Singleton The N Word
2004 Quincy Jones The N Word
2004 Chris Rock The N Word
2004 Ice Cube The N Word
2004 George Carlin The N Word
2004 Whoopi Goldberg The N Word
2004 LeVar Burton The N Word
2004 Nia Long The N Word
2004 Ione Skye The Sky Is Green
2004 Steve Buscemi The Sky Is Green
2004 Mos Def The Sky Is Green
2004 Barbara Hershey The Sky Is Green
2004 Seymour Cassel The Sky Is Green
2004 Vince Vaughn The Sky Is Green
2003 Cloris Leachman Alex & Emma
2003 Kate Hudson Alex & Emma
2003 Luke Wilson Alex & Emma
2003 Robert Costanzo Alex & Emma
2003 Sophie Marceau Alex & Emma
2003 David Paymer Alex & Emma
2003 Rob Reiner Alex & Emma
2003 Rip Taylor Alex & Emma
2003 Chloë Sevigny Death of a Dynasty
2003 Lorraine Bracco Death of a Dynasty
2003 James Toback Death of a Dynasty
2003 Peter Sarsgaard Death of a Dynasty
2003 Seymour Cassel A Good Night to Die
2003 Ally Sheedy A Good Night to Die
2003 Ralph Macchio A Good Night to Die
2003 Frank Whaley A Good Night to Die
2003 James Woods This Girl's Life
2002 Jeremy Davies 29 Palms
2002 Michael Lerner 29 Palms
2002 Jon Polito 29 Palms
2002 Bill Pullman 29 Palms
2002 Keith David 29 Palms
2002 Chris O'Donnell 29 Palms
2002 Eileen Brennan Comic Book Villains
2002 Cary Elwes Comic Book Villains
2002 Donal Logue Comic Book Villains
2002 Amanda Plummer Triggermen
2002 Pete Postlethwaite Triggermen
2001 Lisa Kudrow Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Eddie Murphy Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Isaac Hayes Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Jeffrey Jones Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Cedric the Entertainer Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Richard Sarafian Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Kevin Pollak Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Norm MacDonald Dr. Dolittle 2
2001 Steve Zahn Dr. Dolittle 2
2000 Robert Duvall The 6th Day
2000 Wendy Crewson The 6th Day
2000 Arnold Schwarzenegger The 6th Day
2000 Tony Goldwyn The 6th Day
2000 Michael Rooker The 6th Day
2000 Mos Def Bamboozled
2000 Jada Pinkett Smith Bamboozled
2000 Damon Wayans Bamboozled
2000 Steve Zahn Chain of Fools
2000 Lara Flynn Boyle Chain of Fools
2000 David Hyde Pierce Chain of Fools
2000 Tom Wilkinson Chain of Fools
2000 Elijah Wood Chain of Fools
2000 Salma Hayek Chain of Fools
2000 Jeff Goldblum Chain of Fools
2000 Cliff Gorman King of the Jungle
2000 John Leguizamo King of the Jungle
2000 Rosie Perez King of the Jungle
2000 Annabella Sciorra King of the Jungle
2000 Marisa Tomei King of the Jungle
2000 Julie Carmen King of the Jungle
2000 Ed O'Neill Lucky Numbers
2000 Bill Pullman Lucky Numbers
2000 Richard Schiff Lucky Numbers
2000 John Travolta Lucky Numbers
2000 Lisa Kudrow Lucky Numbers
2000 Tim Roth Lucky Numbers
2000 Michael Moore Lucky Numbers
2000 David Keith Men of Honor
2000 Hal Holbrook Men of Honor
2000 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Men of Honor
2000 Charlize Theron Men of Honor
2000 Lonette McKee Men of Honor
2000 Powers Boothe Men of Honor
2000 Robert De Niro Men of Honor
2000 Elaine Stritch Small Time Crooks
2000 George Grizzard Small Time Crooks
2000 Tracey Ullman Small Time Crooks
2000 Jon Lovitz Small Time Crooks
2000 Woody Allen Small Time Crooks
2000 Hugh Grant Small Time Crooks
2000 Elaine May Small Time Crooks
1999 Aida Turturro Deep Blue Sea
1999 Samuel L. Jackson Deep Blue Sea
1999 Stellan Skarsgård Deep Blue Sea
1999 Nancy Allen Kiss Toledo Goodbye
1999 Christopher Walken Kiss Toledo Goodbye
1999 Robert Forster Kiss Toledo Goodbye
1998 Robert DoQui ER: Of Past Regret and Future Fear
1998 Frances Sternhagen ER: Of Past Regret and Future Fear
1998 James LeGros ER: Of Past Regret and Future Fear
1998 Michael Jeter The Naked Man
1998 Chloë Sevigny Palmetto
1998 Woody Harrelson Palmetto
1998 Elisabeth Shue Palmetto
1998 Gina Gershon Palmetto
1998 Daryl Hannah Rescuers: Stories of Courage - Two Families
1998 Sherilyn Fenn Rude Awakening
1998 Lynn Redgrave Rude Awakening
1998 Juliette Lewis Some Girl
1998 Jeremy Sisto Some Girl
1998 Giovanni Ribisi Some Girl
1997 Cathy Moriarty A Brother's Kiss
1997 John Leguizamo A Brother's Kiss
1997 Rosie Perez A Brother's Kiss
1997 Marisa Tomei A Brother's Kiss
1997 Robert De Niro Cop Land
1997 Harvey Keitel Cop Land
1997 Sylvester Stallone Cop Land
1997 Cathy Moriarty Cop Land
1997 Ray Liotta Cop Land
1997 Peter Berg Cop Land
1997 Janeane Garofalo Cop Land
1997 Frank Vincent Cop Land
1997 Annabella Sciorra Cop Land
1997 Burt Young Kicked in the Head
1997 James Woods Kicked in the Head
1997 Lili Taylor Kicked in the Head
1997 Linda Fiorentino Kicked in the Head
1997 Eddie Murphy Metro
1997 Donal Logue Metro
1997 Anne Heche Subway Stories
1997 Gregory Hines Subway Stories
1997 Christine Lahti Subway Stories
1997 Mercedes Ruehl Subway Stories
1997 Bonnie Hunt Subway Stories
1997 Denis Leary Subway Stories
1997 Steve Zahn Subway Stories
1997 Lili Taylor Subway Stories
1997 Rosie Perez Subway Stories
1997 Jerry Stiller Subway Stories
1996 Mira Sorvino Beautiful Girls
1996 Natalie Portman Beautiful Girls
1996 Matt Dillon Beautiful Girls
1996 Pruitt Taylor Vince Beautiful Girls
1996 Max Perlich Beautiful Girls
1996 Martha Plimpton Beautiful Girls
1996 Uma Thurman Beautiful Girls
1996 Annabeth Gish Beautiful Girls
1996 Rosie O'Donnell Beautiful Girls
1996 David Arquette Beautiful Girls
1996 Timothy Hutton Beautiful Girls
1996 Isaac Hayes Illtown
1996 Lili Taylor Illtown
1996 Carol Kane The Pallbearer
1996 Gwyneth Paltrow The Pallbearer
1996 David Schwimmer The Pallbearer
1996 Barbara Hershey The Pallbearer
1996 Toni Collette The Pallbearer
1995 Juliette Lewis The Basketball Diaries
1995 Mark Wahlberg The Basketball Diaries
1995 Lorraine Bracco The Basketball Diaries
1995 Leonardo DiCaprio The Basketball Diaries
1995 Ernie Hudson The Basketball Diaries
1995 Bruno Kirby The Basketball Diaries
1995 Michael Imperioli The Basketball Diaries
1995 Laurence Fishburne Higher Learning
1995 Jennifer Connelly Higher Learning
1995 Ice Cube Higher Learning
1995 Gwyneth Paltrow Higher Learning
1995 Regina King Higher Learning
1995 Omar Epps Higher Learning
1995 Helen Hunt Kiss of Death
1995 Anne Meara Kiss of Death
1995 Hope Davis Kiss of Death
1995 Ving Rhames Kiss of Death
1995 Samuel L. Jackson Kiss of Death
1995 Stanley Tucci Kiss of Death
1995 Nicolas Cage Kiss of Death
1995 David Caruso Kiss of Death
1995 Kathryn Erbe Kiss of Death
1995 Philip Baker Hall Kiss of Death
1995 Jack Warden Mighty Aphrodite
1995 David Ogden Stiers Mighty Aphrodite
1995 Paul Giamatti Mighty Aphrodite
1995 Olympia Dukakis Mighty Aphrodite
1995 Peter Weller Mighty Aphrodite
1995 Helena Bonham Carter Mighty Aphrodite
1995 Claire Bloom Mighty Aphrodite
1995 F. Murray Abraham Mighty Aphrodite
1995 Mira Sorvino Mighty Aphrodite
1995 Woody Allen Mighty Aphrodite
1995 Rosemary Murphy Mighty Aphrodite
1994 Luis Guzman Hand Gun
1994 Treat Williams Hand Gun
1994 Frank Vincent Hand Gun
1994 Seymour Cassel Hand Gun
1994 Michael Imperioli Hand Gun
1994 Lane Smith The Scout
1994 Albert Brooks The Scout
1994 Brendan Fraser The Scout
1994 Dianne Wiest The Scout
1993 John Cusack Money for Nothing
1993 Philip Seymour Hoffman Money for Nothing
1993 James Gandolfini Money for Nothing
1993 Maury Chaykin Money for Nothing
1993 Benicio Del Toro Money for Nothing
1993 Michael Madsen Money for Nothing
1993 David Schwimmer NYPD Blue: Brown Appetit
1993 Robert Costanzo NYPD Blue: Brown Appetit
1993 Regina King Poetic Justice
1993 Billy Zane Poetic Justice
1993 Dermot Mulroney Point of No Return
1993 Harvey Keitel Point of No Return
1993 Geoffrey Lewis Point of No Return
1993 Olivia D'Abo Point of No Return
1993 Gabriel Byrne Point of No Return
1993 Miguel Ferrer Point of No Return
1993 Anne Bancroft Point of No Return
1993 Bridget Fonda Point of No Return
1993 Richard Romanus Point of No Return
1993 Brad Pitt True Romance
1993 Saul Rubinek True Romance
1993 Christopher Walken True Romance
1993 Gary Oldman True Romance
1993 Chris Penn True Romance
1993 Bronson Pinchot True Romance
1993 Val Kilmer True Romance
1993 Dennis Hopper True Romance
1993 James Gandolfini True Romance
1993 Conchata Ferrell True Romance
1993 Tom Sizemore True Romance
1993 Christian Slater True Romance
1993 Samuel L. Jackson True Romance
1993 Patricia Arquette True Romance
1992 Melora Walters Murphy Brown: He-Ho, He-Ho, It's Off to Lamaze We Go
1992 Mary Gross Murphy Brown: He-Ho, He-Ho, It's Off to Lamaze We Go
1992 Helen Shaver Zebrahead
1992 Ray Sharkey Zebrahead
1974 Olivia Hussey Black Christmas
1974 Margot Kidder Black Christmas
1974 Keir Dullea Black Christmas
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