Michael Monks

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Harold Perrineau, Jr. Sabotage
2014 Olivia Williams Sabotage
2014 Arnold Schwarzenegger Sabotage
2014 Terrence Howard Sabotage
2014 Martin Donovan Sabotage
2006 Christian Bale Harsh Times
2006 J.K. Simmons Harsh Times
2001 Bonnie Bedelia The Division: Season 01
1999 D.B. Sweeney NYPD Blue: Big Bang Theory
1999 Caroline Aaron NYPD Blue: Big Bang Theory
1995 William H. Macy ER: Happy New Year
1995 CCH Pounder ER: Happy New Year
1994 Kevin Pollak Clean Slate
1994 James Earl Jones Clean Slate
1994 Michael McKean Clean Slate
1994 Christopher Meloni Clean Slate
1994 Valeria Golino Clean Slate
1994 Michael Gambon Clean Slate
1994 Olivia D'Abo Clean Slate
1994 Mako A Dangerous Place
1994 Dick Van Patten A Dangerous Place
1994 Rick Moranis Little Giants
1994 Ed O'Neill Little Giants
1994 Harry Shearer Little Giants
1993 Angela Bassett What's Love Got to Do with It?
1993 Tina Turner What's Love Got to Do with It?
1993 Laurence Fishburne What's Love Got to Do with It?
1992 Richard Jenkins Afterburn
1992 Vincent Spano Afterburn
1992 Robert Loggia Afterburn
1992 Andy Romano Afterburn
1992 Michael Rooker Afterburn
1992 Laura Dern Afterburn
1992 Matthew Broderick Out on a Limb
1992 Jeffrey Jones Out on a Limb
1992 David Margulies Out on a Limb
1992 Marian Mercer Out on a Limb
1992 John C. Reilly Out on a Limb
1992 Ed Harris Running Mates
1992 Ed Begley, Jr. Running Mates
1992 Russ Tamblyn Running Mates
1992 Diane Keaton Running Mates
1991 Dick Van Dyke Daughters of Privilege
1991 Robert Davi Illicit Behavior
1991 James Russo Illicit Behavior
1991 Mary Woronov Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever
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