Michael Kenneth Williams

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Martin Donovan Inherent Vice
2014 Reese Witherspoon Inherent Vice
2014 Martin Short Inherent Vice
2014 Eric Roberts Inherent Vice
2014 Jena Malone Inherent Vice
2014 Owen Wilson Inherent Vice
2014 Joaquin Phoenix Inherent Vice
2014 Josh Brolin Inherent Vice
2014 Benicio Del Toro Inherent Vice
2014 Barry Pepper Kill the Messenger
2014 Andy Garcia Kill the Messenger
2014 Ray Liotta Kill the Messenger
2014 Oliver Platt Kill the Messenger
2014 Richard Schiff Kill the Messenger
2014 Tim Blake Nelson Kill the Messenger
2014 Jennifer Ehle RoboCop
2014 Marianne Jean-Baptiste RoboCop
2014 Michael Keaton RoboCop
2014 Samuel L. Jackson RoboCop
2014 Gary Oldman RoboCop
2013 Alfre Woodard 12 Years a Slave
2013 Brad Pitt 12 Years a Slave
2013 Paul Giamatti 12 Years a Slave
2013 Paul Dano 12 Years a Slave
2013 Harold Perrineau, Jr. Snitch
2013 Benjamin Bratt Snitch
2013 Barry Pepper Snitch
2013 Susan Sarandon Snitch
2011 Lonette McKee LUV
2011 Dennis Haysbert LUV
2011 Danny Glover LUV
2011 Charles S. Dutton LUV
2009 Robert John Burke Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Vincent D'Onofrio Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Don Cheadle Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Lili Taylor Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Wesley Snipes Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Ellen Barkin Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Ethan Hawke Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Will Patton Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Richard Gere Brooklyn's Finest
2009 Renée Taylor Life During Wartime
2009 Ciarán Hinds Life During Wartime
2009 Shirley Henderson Life During Wartime
2009 Paul Reubens Life During Wartime
2009 Michael Lerner Life During Wartime
2009 Allison Janney Life During Wartime
2009 Ally Sheedy Life During Wartime
2009 Charlotte Rampling Life During Wartime
2009 Neve Campbell The Philanthropist [TV Series]
2009 Philip Baker Hall Wonderful World
2009 Matthew Broderick Wonderful World
2007 Ed Harris Gone Baby Gone
2007 Amy Madigan Gone Baby Gone
2007 Morgan Freeman Gone Baby Gone
2007 John Ashton Gone Baby Gone
2006 Steven Seagal Mercenary for Justice
2006 Dominic West The Wire: Season 04
2005 Delroy Lindo Lackawanna Blues
2005 Louis Gossett, Jr. Lackawanna Blues
2005 Mos Def Lackawanna Blues
2005 Ernie Hudson Lackawanna Blues
2005 Patricia Wettig Lackawanna Blues
2005 Rosie Perez Lackawanna Blues
2005 Liev Schreiber Lackawanna Blues
2005 Jimmy Smits Lackawanna Blues
2005 Jeffrey Wright Lackawanna Blues
2004 Dominic West The Wire: Season 03
2003 Dominic West The Wire: Season 02
2002 Dominic West The Wire: Season 01
1999 John Goodman Bringing Out the Dead
1999 Patricia Arquette Bringing Out the Dead
1999 Nicolas Cage Bringing Out the Dead
1999 Mary Beth Hurt Bringing Out the Dead
1999 Tom Sizemore Bringing Out the Dead
1999 Aida Turturro Bringing Out the Dead
1999 Ving Rhames Bringing Out the Dead
1997 Dominic Chianese Law & Order: Shadow
1995 Mickey Rourke Bullet
1995 Ted Levine Bullet
1995 Adrien Brody Bullet
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