Michael Dudikoff
Date of Birth
Oct 08, 1954
Birth Place:
Redondo Beach, CA

Worked With

Year Name Title
2002 Treat Williams Gale Force
2001 Ice-T Black Horizon
2001 Dan Hedaya Quicksand
2000 Pat Harrington, Jr. Ablaze
2000 Tom Arnold Ablaze
2000 Ice-T Ablaze
1999 David Hedison Fugitive Mind
1998 Frederic Forrest Black Thunder
1998 Tony Curtis Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball
1998 Marlee Matlin In Her Defense
1998 Amanda Wyss Strategic Command
1998 Paul Winfield Strategic Command
1997 Catherine Bell Crash Dive
1997 Frederic Forrest Crash Dive
1997 William Smith The Shooter
1996 Billy Dee Williams Moving Target
1996 Michelle Johnson Moving Target
1995 Brion James Cyberjack
1995 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Soldier Boyz
1993 R. Lee Ermey Chain of Command
1993 Dee Wallace Rescue Me
1993 Stephen Dorff Rescue Me
1991 James Booth American Ninja 4: The Annihilation
1991 Tim Matheson The Woman Who Sinned
1991 John Vernon The Woman Who Sinned
1991 Dick Miller The Woman Who Sinned
1990 Mark Hamill Midnight Ride
1990 Robert Mitchum Midnight Ride
1989 Robert Vaughn River of Death
1989 L.Q. Jones River of Death
1989 Herbert Lom River of Death
1989 Donald Pleasence River of Death
1987 Jack Weston American Ninja 2: The Confrontation
1987 William Smith Platoon Leader
1986 James Booth Avenging Force
1986 Billy Dee Williams Blood, Sweat and Tears
1986 Don Murray Radioactive Dreams
1986 Lisa Blount Radioactive Dreams
1986 George Kennedy Radioactive Dreams
1984 Tom Hanks Bachelor Party
1984 Adrian Zmed Bachelor Party
1984 Wendie Jo Sperber Bachelor Party
1984 Pat Proft Bachelor Party
1984 George Grizzard Bachelor Party
1984 Tawny Kitaen Bachelor Party
1983 Gene Hackman Uncommon Valor
1983 Jeremy Kemp Uncommon Valor
1983 Patrick Swayze Uncommon Valor
1983 Charles Aidman Uncommon Valor
1983 Gail Strickland Uncommon Valor
1983 Robert Stack Uncommon Valor
1983 Jane Kaczmarek Uncommon Valor
1983 Fred Ward Uncommon Valor
1982 Walter Matthau I Ought to Be in Pictures
1982 Art La Fleur I Ought to Be in Pictures
1982 Ann-Margret I Ought to Be in Pictures
1982 Nancy Olson Making Love
1982 Michael Ontkean Making Love
1982 Lynn Stalmaster Making Love
1982 Arthur Hill Making Love
1982 Wendy Hiller Making Love
1982 Harry Hamlin Making Love
1982 Jeff Bridges Tron
1982 Barnard Hughes Tron
1982 David Warner Tron
1981 Charles Durning The Best Little Girl in the World
1981 Viveca Lindfors The Best Little Girl in the World
1981 Jennifer Jason Leigh The Best Little Girl in the World
1981 Jessica Lange The Best Little Girl in the World
1981 Eva Marie Saint The Best Little Girl in the World
1981 Jason Miller The Best Little Girl in the World
1981 David Spielberg The Best Little Girl in the World
1981 Ally Sheedy The Best Little Girl in the World
1981 Ellen Geer Bloody Birthday
1981 Joe Penny Bloody Birthday
1981 Susan Strasberg Bloody Birthday
1981 José Ferrer Bloody Birthday
1979 Harry Dean Stanton The Black Marble
1979 Paula Prentiss The Black Marble
1979 Anne Ramsey The Black Marble
1979 James Woods The Black Marble
1979 Barbara Babcock The Black Marble
1979 Christopher Lloyd The Black Marble
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