Michael Cullen

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Udo Kier Iron Sky
2012 Eva Mendes The Place Beyond the Pines
2012 Ryan Gosling The Place Beyond the Pines
2012 Harris Yulin The Place Beyond the Pines
2012 Bruce Greenwood The Place Beyond the Pines
2012 Ray Liotta The Place Beyond the Pines
1998 Cliff Gorman Law & Order: Monster
1998 Robert Vaughn Law & Order: Monster
1997 Neal McDonough Murder Live!
1997 David Morse Murder Live!
1997 Teri Garr Murder Live!
1997 Marg Helgenberger Murder Live!
1995 Harvey Keitel Clockers
1995 Michael Imperioli Clockers
1995 Spike Lee Clockers
1995 Keith David Clockers
1995 Delroy Lindo Clockers
1995 John Turturro Clockers
1995 Sean Penn Dead Man Walking
1995 Peter Sarsgaard Dead Man Walking
1995 Jack Black Dead Man Walking
1995 Susan Sarandon Dead Man Walking
1995 Robert Prosky Dead Man Walking
1995 R. Lee Ermey Dead Man Walking
1995 Scott Wilson Dead Man Walking
1995 Clancy Brown Dead Man Walking
1992 Denzel Washington Malcolm X
1992 Peter Boyle Malcolm X
1992 Michael Imperioli Malcolm X
1992 Spike Lee Malcolm X
1992 Ossie Davis Malcolm X
1992 Christopher Plummer Malcolm X
1992 Lonette McKee Malcolm X
1992 Martin Donovan Malcolm X
1992 Richard Schiff Malcolm X
1992 William Fichtner Malcolm X
1992 Al Freeman, Jr. Malcolm X
1992 John Sayles Malcolm X
1992 Giancarlo Esposito Malcolm X
1992 Craig Wasson Malcolm X
1992 Angela Bassett Malcolm X
1992 Delroy Lindo Malcolm X
1992 Vincent D'Onofrio Malcolm X
1992 Karen Allen Malcolm X
1991 Kevin J. O'Connor Law & Order: The Troubles
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