Michael Craig
Date of Birth
Jan 27, 1928
Birth Place:
Poona, India

Worked With

Year Name Title
1988 Jenny Seagrove Appointment with Death
1988 Carrie Fisher Appointment with Death
1988 Peter Ustinov Appointment with Death
1988 Hayley Mills Appointment with Death
1988 Lauren Bacall Appointment with Death
1988 John Gielgud Appointment with Death
1988 Piper Laurie Appointment with Death
1986 Honor Blackman Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord, Episode 10
1986 Honor Blackman Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord, Episode 11
1986 Honor Blackman Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord, Episode 12
1986 Honor Blackman Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord, Episode 9
1985 Mae Questel Hot Resort
1985 Bronson Pinchot Hot Resort
1985 Jason Connery Robin Hood... The Legend: Herne's Son
1981 Olivia Hussey Turkey Shoot
1981 Henry Silva Turkey Shoot
1978 Bryan Brown The Irishman
1977 Klaus Kinski The Night of the Assassin
1977 Yvette Mimieux The Night of the Assassin
1975 Wendy Hughes The Company Men
1974 Judith Anderson Inn of the Damned
1974 Alex Cord Inn of the Damned
1973 Glynis Johns The Vault of Horror
1973 Daniel Massey The Vault of Horror
1973 Terry-Thomas The Vault of Horror
1973 Marianne Stone The Vault of Horror
1973 Denholm Elliott The Vault of Horror
1973 Dawn Addams The Vault of Horror
1973 Anna Massey The Vault of Horror
1973 Curd Jürgens The Vault of Horror
1971 Fernando Rey A Town Called Hell
1971 Al Lettieri A Town Called Hell
1971 Martin Landau A Town Called Hell
1971 Telly Savalas A Town Called Hell
1971 Robert Shaw A Town Called Hell
1971 Stella Stevens A Town Called Hell
1970 Peter O'Toole Brotherly Love
1970 Susannah York Brotherly Love
1970 Brian Blessed Brotherly Love
1970 Cyril Cusack Brotherly Love
1970 Harry Andrews Brotherly Love
1969 Honor Blackman Child Bride
1969 Charles Bronson Child Bride
1969 Trevor Howard Child Bride
1969 Susan George Child Bride
1969 Lionel Jeffries Child Bride
1969 Paul Ford Lola
1969 Orson Bean Lola
1969 Susan George Lola
1969 Trevor Howard Lola
1969 Jack Hawkins Lola
1969 Lionel Jeffries Lola
1969 Robert Morley Lola
1969 Charles Bronson Lola
1969 Honor Blackman Lola
1969 Eric Barker Lola
1969 Kay Medford Lola
1969 Percy Herbert The Royal Hunt of the Sun
1969 Robert Shaw The Royal Hunt of the Sun
1969 James Donald The Royal Hunt of the Sun
1969 Nigel Davenport The Royal Hunt of the Sun
1969 Andrew Keir The Royal Hunt of the Sun
1969 Christopher Plummer The Royal Hunt of the Sun
1968 Robert Reed Star!
1968 J. Pat O'Malley Star!
1968 Alan Oppenheimer Star!
1968 Richard Crenna Star!
1968 Roy Scheider Star!
1968 Beryl Reid Star!
1968 Daniel Massey Star!
1968 Murray Matheson Star!
1968 Anna Lee Star!
1968 Julie Andrews Star!
1968 Jenny Agutter Star!
1968 Bernard Fox Star!
1966 Harry Andrews Modesty Blaise
1966 Dirk Bogarde Modesty Blaise
1966 Alexander Knox Modesty Blaise
1966 Monica Vitti Modesty Blaise
1966 Terence Stamp Modesty Blaise
1966 Clive Revill Modesty Blaise
1965 Robert Morley Life at the Top
1965 Donald Wolfit Life at the Top
1965 Laurence Harvey Life at the Top
1965 Jean Simmons Life at the Top
1965 Honor Blackman Life at the Top
1965 Nigel Davenport Life at the Top
1965 Claudia Cardinale Vaghe Stelle dell'Orsa
1963 Joan Sims A Pair of Briefs
1963 Liz Fraser A Pair of Briefs
1963 Graham Stark A Pair of Briefs
1963 Roland Culver A Pair of Briefs
1963 Brenda de Banzie A Pair of Briefs
1963 Ron Moody A Pair of Briefs
1963 James Robertson Justice A Pair of Briefs
1963 Paul Rogers The Stolen Hours
1963 Susan Hayward The Stolen Hours
1963 Marianne Stone The Stolen Hours
1963 Peter Madden The Stolen Hours
1963 Diane Baker The Stolen Hours
1963 Sam Kydd The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Jeff Donnell The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Brian Oulton The Swingin' Maiden
1963 George Woodbridge The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Alan Hale, Jr. The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Cecil Parker The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Roland Culver The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Joan Sims The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Noel Purcell The Swingin' Maiden
1962 David Niven La Città Prigioniera
1962 Lea Massari La Città Prigioniera
1962 Ben Gazzara La Città Prigioniera
1962 Martin Balsam La Città Prigioniera
1962 John Forsythe La Città Prigioniera
1962 Percy Herbert La Città Prigioniera
1962 Patrick McGoohan Condemned to Life
1962 John Welsh Condemned to Life
1962 Basil Dignam Condemned to Life
1962 Janet Munro Condemned to Life
1962 Paul Rogers Condemned to Life
1962 Megs Jenkins Condemned to Life
1962 Frank Finlay Condemned to Life
1962 Alan Hale, Jr. The Iron Maiden
1962 Cecil Parker The Iron Maiden
1962 Jeff Donnell The Iron Maiden
1962 Noel Purcell The Iron Maiden
1962 Billie Whitelaw Payroll
1962 Tom Bell Payroll
1962 Kenneth Griffith Payroll
1962 Glyn Houston Payroll
1961 Herbert Lom Mysterious Island
1961 Michael Callan Mysterious Island
1961 Percy Herbert Mysterious Island
1961 Joan Greenwood Mysterious Island
1961 Nigel Green Mysterious Island
1961 Gary Merrill Mysterious Island
1961 Roger Livesey No, My Darling Daughter
1961 Joan Sims No, My Darling Daughter
1961 Ian Fleming No, My Darling Daughter
1961 Michael Redgrave No, My Darling Daughter
1961 Juliet Mills No, My Darling Daughter
1960 Oliver Reed The Angry Silence
1960 Laurence Naismith The Angry Silence
1960 Anna Maria Pier Angeli The Angry Silence
1960 Bernard Lee The Angry Silence
1960 Marianne Stone The Angry Silence
1960 Richard Attenborough The Angry Silence
1960 Geoffrey Keen The Angry Silence
1960 Andre Morell Cone of Silence
1960 Peter Cushing Cone of Silence
1960 George Sanders Cone of Silence
1960 Charles Lloyd Pack Cone of Silence
1960 Gordon Jackson Cone of Silence
1960 Bernard Lee Cone of Silence
1960 Joan Sims Doctor in Love
1960 Reginald Beckwith Doctor in Love
1960 James Robertson Justice Doctor in Love
1960 Norman Rossington Doctor in Love
1960 Liz Fraser Doctor in Love
1960 John Le Mesurier Doctor in Love
1960 Marianne Stone Doctor in Love
1960 Anne Heywood Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Eric Pohlmann Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 James Robertson Justice Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Barbara Steele Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Reginald Beckwith Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Jean Cadell Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Daniel Massey Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Claudia Cardinale Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Joan Sims Upstairs and Downstairs
1959 Joan Sims Life in Emergency Ward 10
1959 Wilfrid Hyde-White Life in Emergency Ward 10
1959 Bernard Miles Sapphire
1959 Nigel Patrick Sapphire
1959 Yvonne Mitchell Sapphire
1958 Barry Foster Desert Patrol
1958 Richard Attenborough Desert Patrol
1958 Dermot Walsh Desert Patrol
1958 Percy Herbert Desert Patrol
1958 John Gregson Desert Patrol
1958 Eric Pohlmann Elephant Gun
1958 Patrick McGoohan Elephant Gun
1958 Laurence Harvey The Silent Enemy
1958 Brian Oulton The Silent Enemy
1958 Dawn Addams The Silent Enemy
1958 Alec McCowen The Silent Enemy
1958 Gianna Maria Canale The Silent Enemy
1958 Massimo Serato The Silent Enemy
1958 Nigel Stock The Silent Enemy
1957 Finlay Currie Campbell's Kingdom
1957 Stanley Baker Campbell's Kingdom
1957 James Robertson Justice Campbell's Kingdom
1957 John Laurie Campbell's Kingdom
1957 Dirk Bogarde Campbell's Kingdom
1957 Alexander Knox High Tide at Noon
1957 Patrick McGoohan High Tide at Noon
1957 William Sylvester High Tide at Noon
1957 Betta St. John High Tide at Noon
1957 Flora Robson High Tide at Noon
1956 Donald Pleasence The Black Tent
1956 Anton Diffring The Black Tent
1956 Ralph Truman The Black Tent
1956 Andre Morell The Black Tent
1956 Richard Wattis Eyewitness
1956 Lionel Jeffries Eyewitness
1956 George Woodbridge Eyewitness
1956 Nigel Stock Eyewitness
1956 Marianne Stone Eyewitness
1956 John Stuart Eyewitness
1956 Geoffrey Keen Triple Deception
1956 Eric Pohlmann Triple Deception
1956 Carl Jaffe Triple Deception
1956 Brenda de Banzie Triple Deception
1956 Anton Diffring Triple Deception
1956 David Kossoff Triple Deception
1956 Gérard Oury Triple Deception
1956 Barbara Bates Triple Deception
1956 Harry Locke Yield to the Night
1956 Liam Redmond Yield to the Night
1956 Michael Ripper Yield to the Night
1956 Diana Dors Yield to the Night
1956 Marianne Stone Yield to the Night
1956 Yvonne Mitchell Yield to the Night
1956 Geoffrey Keen Yield to the Night
1955 Bruce Seton Handcuffs, London
1955 Martin Benson Passage Home
1955 Geoffrey Keen Passage Home
1955 Sam Kydd Passage Home
1955 Cyril Cusack Passage Home
1955 Peter Finch Passage Home
1955 Diane Cilento Passage Home
1955 Patrick McGoohan Passage Home
1955 Glyn Houston Passage Home
1955 George Woodbridge Passage Home
1955 Bryan Forbes Passage Home
1955 Gordon Jackson Passage Home
1955 Hugh Griffith Passage Home
1955 David Kossoff Svengali
1955 Hildegarde Neff Svengali
1955 Donald Wolfit Svengali
1955 Noel Purcell Svengali
1955 Paul Rogers Svengali
1955 Harry Secombe Svengali
1954 Humphrey Bogart The Love Lottery
1954 Sebastian Cabot The Love Lottery
1954 Theodore Bikel The Love Lottery
1954 David Niven The Love Lottery
1954 Felix Aylmer The Love Lottery
1954 Gordon Jackson The Love Lottery
1954 Hattie Jacques The Love Lottery
1954 Herbert Lom The Love Lottery
1954 Peggy Cummins The Love Lottery
1954 Andrea Malandrinos The Love Lottery
1953 Renée Ashershon The Malta Story
1953 Ralph Truman The Malta Story
1953 Maurice Denham The Malta Story
1953 Jack Hawkins The Malta Story
1953 Alec Guinness The Malta Story
1953 Lee Patterson The Malta Story
1953 Michael Medwin The Malta Story
1953 Flora Robson The Malta Story
1953 Peter Bull The Malta Story
1953 Nigel Stock The Malta Story
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