Michael C. Mahon

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Giovanni Ribisi Gangster Squad
2013 Ryan Gosling Gangster Squad
2013 Anthony Mackie Gangster Squad
2013 Sean Penn Gangster Squad
2013 Josh Brolin Gangster Squad
2013 Nick Nolte Gangster Squad
2013 Jon Polito Gangster Squad
1996 Ron Eldard ER: Fevers of Unknown Origin
1996 William H. Macy ER: Fevers of Unknown Origin
1996 Marg Helgenberger ER: Fevers of Unknown Origin
1996 CCH Pounder ER: Fevers of Unknown Origin
1996 Ron Eldard ER: Fire in the Belly
1996 Marg Helgenberger ER: Fire in the Belly
1996 Claudette Nevins ER: Fire in the Belly
1996 CCH Pounder ER: Fire in the Belly
1996 Paul Dooley ER: Fire in the Belly
1996 Heather Locklear Shattered Mind
1992 Richard Schiff Malcolm X
1992 Spike Lee Malcolm X
1992 Lonette McKee Malcolm X
1992 Christopher Plummer Malcolm X
1992 John Sayles Malcolm X
1992 Martin Donovan Malcolm X
1992 Peter Boyle Malcolm X
1992 Denzel Washington Malcolm X
1992 Ossie Davis Malcolm X
1992 William Fichtner Malcolm X
1992 Al Freeman, Jr. Malcolm X
1992 Michael Imperioli Malcolm X
1992 Giancarlo Esposito Malcolm X
1992 Karen Allen Malcolm X
1992 Vincent D'Onofrio Malcolm X
1992 Delroy Lindo Malcolm X
1992 Angela Bassett Malcolm X
1992 Craig Wasson Malcolm X
1991 Robert Lansing Law & Order: Blue Wall
1990 Stanley Tucci Quick Change
1990 Phil Hartman Quick Change
1990 Jamey Sheridan Quick Change
1990 Bill Murray Quick Change
1990 Kurtwood Smith Quick Change
1990 Michael Chapman Quick Change
1990 Randy Quaid Quick Change
1990 Tony Shalhoub Quick Change
1990 Geena Davis Quick Change
1990 Jason Robards, Jr. Quick Change
1990 Philip Bosco Quick Change
1987 Saul Rubinek Wall Street
1987 Richard Dysart Wall Street
1987 Hal Holbrook Wall Street
1987 Sylvia Miles Wall Street
1987 John C. McGinley Wall Street
1987 Charlie Sheen Wall Street
1987 Daryl Hannah Wall Street
1987 James Spader Wall Street
1987 Oliver Stone Wall Street
1987 Martin Sheen Wall Street
1987 Michael Douglas Wall Street
1987 Sean Young Wall Street
1987 Terence Stamp Wall Street
1984 Jessica Walter The Flamingo Kid
1984 Marisa Tomei The Flamingo Kid
1984 John Turturro The Flamingo Kid
1984 Steven Weber The Flamingo Kid
1984 Fisher Stevens The Flamingo Kid
1984 Matt Dillon The Flamingo Kid
1984 Bronson Pinchot The Flamingo Kid
1984 Richard Crenna The Flamingo Kid
1984 Hector Elizondo The Flamingo Kid
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