Michael Clayton

By Daydream
Written October 13, 2007
George Clooney is as charismatic as ever in the role of Michael Clayton. In plain words he is a legal firm's "fixer-upper", playing a role similar to that of Aaron Eckart in Thank You For Smoking (although not funny). This movie is made out to be very serious almost like an actual class-action lawsuit. The case begins to build on itself, continues to build and then eventually comes to a conclusion. The movie dragged on trying to "build the case" and finally came to in the final 30 minutes of the film. Slow movie with a good ending...
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a very smart film.

By rosettamarie
Written March 24, 2008
What I love about Michael Clayton is that I didn't completely understand every detail, but I still "got it". I began watching this movie knowing that I do not like its genre; there is much on the side of legal situations that I simply do not comprehend. However, what is so gripping about this very smart thriller is its analysis of both insanity and reality. The screenplay is centered on its words, as opposed to action, and thus conveys much more than the average legal/crime thriller. George Clooney is excellent as always, and the final scene, superimposed by credits, provides a thought-provoking end. My only complaint regards Tilda Swinton's Oscar win because I found that Tom Wilkinson was much more deserving of a win in his category. I do understand the "silent evil" that Tilda presents in her character, but I think it was a rather forgettable performance. Wilkinson's, on the other hand, was haunting and really establishes the true essence of the film.
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Another Classic

By Mantlerom
Written March 06, 2008
This is an incredible piece of film. First George Clooney is first rate in this film, you have no idea how it pains me to say this as GC is such a pretty boy, wow he is really great. He does an amazing job of portraying the 'bag man' or 'janitor' for this large New York Law firm. Being an Attorney myself and having an idea of what kind of person it takes to have a job like Claytons, I can tell you without a doubt that Clooney does an amazing job living the part. The story line develops nicely. Starting in present day and then going back four days, revealing the background story and filling in the blanks. The only thing that seems to go unnoticed by many viewers is the underlying theme taken from 'Conquest and Realm', a book that exists only in the film. It is being read by Claytons son, who passes it to his father. It is only at the end that the view understands how the book plays an integral part to the plot. I would HIGHLY recommend this film!! Top rating of Ten Thumbs up!
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All-around excellent movie

By welitlpigs
Written February 22, 2008
The very beginning of the movie is a bit confusing at first but also intriguing enough so that makes you want to know more. As the movie unfolds involving a major corporate lawsuit a la "Erin Brockovich", it keeps your interest but not too difficult to follow the slight twists in the plot. As you approach the end, it leaves you wanting to find out what happened to the characters afterwards. The movie was well casted with excellent acting by all. Best movie seen in the past few years. Spent $1.50 at the dollar show but would have been worth $10 or $12 for the entertainment value. Highly recommended!
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Michael Clayton

By redwoodstreet
Written March 10, 2008
I really liked this movie. It's intelligent and full of suspense.
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