Michael Clayton Synopsis
A ''fixer'' (George Clooney) at a corporate law firm faces the biggest challenge of his career.
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Michael Clayton

By Daydream
George Clooney is as charismatic as ever in the role of Michael Clayton. In plain words he is a legal firm's "fixer-upper", playing a role similar to that of Aaron Eckart in Thank You For Smoking...

a very smart film.

By rosettamarie
What I love about Michael Clayton is that I didn't completely understand every detail, but I still "got it". I began watching this movie knowing that I do not like its genre; there is much on the...

Another Classic

By Mantlerom
This is an incredible piece of film. First George Clooney is first rate in this film, you have no idea how it pains me to say this as GC is such a pretty boy, wow he is really great. He does an...

All-around excellent movie

By welitlpigs
The very beginning of the movie is a bit confusing at first but also intriguing enough so that makes you want to know more. As the movie unfolds involving a major corporate lawsuit a la "Erin...

Michael Clayton

By redwoodstreet
I really liked this movie. It's intelligent and full of suspense....


By NethanielKittymittens
This was the best movie I have seen all year. Everything about it just screamed excellence. It was one of those movies I had to see again. A definite must for the everyday moviegoer....

Good ol' George

By westy808
I wasn't exactly sure what I was expecting from this movie. Perhaps a suspense thriller involving a heavy hitting lawyer going against the grain? No, that wasn't it at all. It showed a good balance...

Michael Clayton was AMAZING!

By CateC
Michael Clayton is a morally ambivalent lawyer struggling to help his best friend overcome a bipolar episode. At the same time, his own financial problems are overwhelming. He's forced into some...

Really Enjoyable Moviegoing!

By harrykatz
This movie was all that movie-going should be. Suspenseful, the greatest acting, a superb story, and wonderful cinematography. The casting couldn't have been better and I was so absorbed that I...

i just don't get it

By Ghostmarine216
this movie was one of the most sickining movie i have ever seen in my whole life. more sickining that the texas chainsaw massacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING: Don't let your children see...

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Rated R | For language including some sexual dialogue
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