Great modernization from the series, one of the best movies ever(by Mann who always makes top notch classics)

By jamal1989
Written June 25, 2008
Brilliant work by Mann, if you notice he added elements from the series-but you just can't quit and be bias and say that since there are no pastel colors and bright suits mean that it isn't Miami Vice-you have to watch it again because it gets better with every viewing. The ending even felt like watching a episode of the series.
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Great movie, can't stop watching this

By rjjbhopgoat
Written July 09, 2008
Miami Vice is a fantastic movie, it was beautifully well-made. Michael Mann is a master at the crime/drama genre. This movie is a masterpiece.
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Best movie ever

By Marlene24
Written June 26, 2008
Michael Mann is at it again with this masterpiece, Miami Vice. If you have seen Collateral by the same director, you have already seen a film that is almost identical in stylistic approach to Miami Vice. In fact several scenes are very similar indeed. As well as the frequent use of the vocal talents of Chris Cornell from Audioslave on the sound track. The film is a modernization of the original TV series of which Mann was an Exec Producer. It is a Brooding and dark film that has no fear of the fantasy of giving two policemen a Lear Jet, a Ferrari, a speed boat, a Yaught and so on. All this aside this film is very good. The acting by Farrell and Foxx is first rate and some of the opening scenes are eye candy of the highest order. The last 40 minutes are classic status. The music and cinemetography is Oscar worthy.
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Amazing film by Michael Mann (who rarely ever makes a bad film)

By Kobeisthebest24
Written June 26, 2008
Miami Vice is the second consecutive excellent film made by Mann, his streaked was broken by the average Ali(in which Smith and Foxx both have amazing performances in ). The film has excellent visuals, musical score, and action when there is(its short, violent, and sweet). Foxx and Farrell's acting was also good as well, their attitudes sum up that this particular drug case is just another case since they probably had numerous cases similar to this prior. Excellent film, I would not know what other director can direct this film other than Mann.
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Great movie

By eddiemurphyrawdelirious
Written July 01, 2008
This is one of the best movies of 2006, great visuals and action. Michael Mann is the MAN!!!!!!!!
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