Mia Farrow
Date of Birth
Feb 09, 1945
Birth Place:
Los Angeles, CA

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Alfre Woodard A Path Appears
2015 Jennifer Garner A Path Appears
2015 George Clooney A Path Appears
2015 Ashley Judd A Path Appears
2011 Christopher Walken Dark Horse
2008 Mos Def Be Kind Rewind
2008 Jack Black Be Kind Rewind
2008 Sigourney Weaver Be Kind Rewind
2008 Danny Glover Be Kind Rewind
2008 Lorenzo Semple, Jr. Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired
2008 Roman Polanski Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired
2006 Robert De Niro Arthur and the Invisibles
2006 Snoop Dogg Arthur and the Invisibles
2006 Chazz Palminteri Arthur and the Invisibles
2006 Harvey Keitel Arthur and the Invisibles
2006 David Bowie Arthur and the Invisibles
2006 Emilio Estevez Arthur and the Invisibles
2006 Madonna Arthur and the Invisibles
2006 Donal Logue The Ex
2006 Amanda Peet The Ex
2006 Charles Grodin The Ex
2006 Paul Rudd The Ex
2006 Pete Postlethwaite The Omen
2006 Julia Stiles The Omen
2006 Liev Schreiber The Omen
2006 David Thewlis The Omen
2006 Michael Gambon The Omen
2004 Martin Scorsese Biography: Liza Minnelli
2004 Goldie Hawn Biography: Liza Minnelli
2004 Robert De Niro Biography: Liza Minnelli
2002 Andrew McCarthy Secret Life of Zoey
2002 Caroline Aaron Secret Life of Zoey
2001 Linda Hamilton A Girl Thing
2001 Bruce Greenwood A Girl Thing
2001 Glenne Headly A Girl Thing
2001 Allison Janney A Girl Thing
2001 Buck Henry A Girl Thing
2001 Rebecca De Mornay A Girl Thing
2001 Scott Bakula A Girl Thing
2001 Lynn Whitfield A Girl Thing
2001 Kate Capshaw A Girl Thing
2001 Stockard Channing A Girl Thing
2001 Paul Reiser Purpose
2001 Peter Coyote Purpose
2001 Hal Holbrook Purpose
2000 Ann-Margret Hollywood Screen Tests: Take 1
2000 Angela Lansbury On Cukor
2000 Shelley Winters On Cukor
2000 Jean Simmons On Cukor
2000 Jack Lemmon On Cukor
2000 Peter Bogdanovich On Cukor
1999 Peter Bogdanovich Coming Soon
1999 Spalding Gray Coming Soon
1999 Ryan O'Neal Coming Soon
1999 Martin Sheen Forget Me Never
1999 Andre Previn Intimate Portrait: Mia Farrow
1999 Natasha Richardson Intimate Portrait: Mia Farrow
1999 Blythe Danner Intimate Portrait: Mia Farrow
1999 Roman Polanski Intimate Portrait: Mia Farrow
1998 Sam Waterston Miracle at Midnight
1997 Brendan Gleeson Angela Mooney Dies Again
1997 Allison Janney Private Parts
1997 Paul Giamatti Private Parts
1995 Kevin Pollak Miami Rhapsody
1995 Antonio Banderas Miami Rhapsody
1995 Sarah Jessica Parker Miami Rhapsody
1995 Paul Mazursky Miami Rhapsody
1995 Donal Logue Miami Rhapsody
1995 Carla Gugino Miami Rhapsody
1995 Nancy Marchand Reckless
1995 Tony Goldwyn Reckless
1995 Scott Glenn Reckless
1995 Mary-Louise Parker Reckless
1995 William Fichtner Reckless
1995 Stephen Dorff Reckless
1995 Giancarlo Esposito Reckless
1995 Eileen Brennan Reckless
1994 Jim Broadbent Widows' Peak
1994 Natasha Richardson Widows' Peak
1994 Joan Plowright Widows' Peak
1992 Sydney Pollack Husbands and Wives
1992 Juliette Lewis Husbands and Wives
1992 Nora Ephron Husbands and Wives
1992 Woody Allen Husbands and Wives
1992 Liam Neeson Husbands and Wives
1992 Caroline Aaron Husbands and Wives
1992 Blythe Danner Husbands and Wives
1992 Ron Rifkin Husbands and Wives
1992 Judy Davis Husbands and Wives
1991 Kurtwood Smith Shadows and Fog
1991 David Ogden Stiers Shadows and Fog
1991 Wallace Shawn Shadows and Fog
1991 Donald Pleasence Shadows and Fog
1991 John C. Reilly Shadows and Fog
1991 Philip Bosco Shadows and Fog
1991 John Cusack Shadows and Fog
1991 Kathy Bates Shadows and Fog
1991 David Strathairn Shadows and Fog
1991 Fred Gwynne Shadows and Fog
1991 Madonna Shadows and Fog
1991 Juliet Taylor Shadows and Fog
1991 Lily Tomlin Shadows and Fog
1991 Jodie Foster Shadows and Fog
1991 Woody Allen Shadows and Fog
1991 Julie Kavner Shadows and Fog
1991 Kate Nelligan Shadows and Fog
1991 Kenneth Mars Shadows and Fog
1991 William H. Macy Shadows and Fog
1991 John Malkovich Shadows and Fog
1990 Patrick O'Neal Alice
1990 Julie Kavner Alice
1990 Cybill Shepherd Alice
1990 Bernadette Peters Alice
1990 Joe Mantegna Alice
1990 James Toback Alice
1990 Bob Balaban Alice
1990 Keye Luke Alice
1990 Juliet Taylor Alice
1990 Caroline Aaron Alice
1990 William Hurt Alice
1990 Blythe Danner Alice
1990 Alec Baldwin Alice
1990 Judith Ivey Alice
1990 Gwen Verdon Alice
1990 David Spielberg Alice
1990 Judy Davis Alice
1990 Holland Taylor Alice
1989 Anjelica Huston Crimes and Misdemeanors
1989 Caroline Aaron Crimes and Misdemeanors
1989 Martin Landau Crimes and Misdemeanors
1989 Sam Waterston Crimes and Misdemeanors
1989 Alan Alda Crimes and Misdemeanors
1989 Jerry Orbach Crimes and Misdemeanors
1989 Woody Allen Crimes and Misdemeanors
1989 Claire Bloom Crimes and Misdemeanors
1989 Nora Ephron Crimes and Misdemeanors
1989 Kirsten Dunst New York Stories
1989 Steve Buscemi New York Stories
1989 Chris Elliott New York Stories
1989 Adrien Brody New York Stories
1989 Carole Bouquet New York Stories
1989 Rosanna Arquette New York Stories
1989 Illeana Douglas New York Stories
1989 Giancarlo Giannini New York Stories
1989 Larry David New York Stories
1989 Woody Allen New York Stories
1989 Carmine Coppola New York Stories
1989 Julie Kavner New York Stories
1989 Talia Shire New York Stories
1989 Mae Questel New York Stories
1989 Patrick O'Neal New York Stories
1989 Nick Nolte New York Stories
1988 Gena Rowlands Another Woman
1988 David Ogden Stiers Another Woman
1988 Sandy Dennis Another Woman
1988 Harris Yulin Another Woman
1988 John Houseman Another Woman
1988 Martha Plimpton Another Woman
1988 Blythe Danner Another Woman
1988 Betty Buckley Another Woman
1988 Philip Bosco Another Woman
1988 Gene Hackman Another Woman
1988 Ian Holm Another Woman
1988 Dana Ivey Another Woman
1987 Jeff Daniels Radio Days
1987 Wallace Shawn Radio Days
1987 Rebecca Schaeffer Radio Days
1987 Tony Roberts Radio Days
1987 Todd Field Radio Days
1987 Dianne Wiest Radio Days
1987 Seth Green Radio Days
1987 Michael Tucker Radio Days
1987 Larry David Radio Days
1987 Danny Aiello Radio Days
1987 Woody Allen Radio Days
1987 Diane Keaton Radio Days
1987 Kenneth Mars Radio Days
1987 Mercedes Ruehl Radio Days
1987 Julie Kavner Radio Days
1987 William H. Macy Radio Days
1987 Denholm Elliott September
1987 Elaine Stritch September
1987 Rosemary Murphy September
1987 Jack Warden September
1987 Dianne Wiest September
1987 Sam Waterston September
1986 Maureen O'Sullivan Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 Lloyd Nolan Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 Richard Jenkins Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 John Turturro Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 Carrie Fisher Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 Woody Allen Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 Daniel Stern Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 Sam Waterston Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 Barbara Hershey Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 Michael Caine Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 Dianne Wiest Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 Julie Kavner Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 Max von Sydow Hannah and Her Sisters
1986 J.T. Walsh Hannah and Her Sisters
1985 Edward Herrmann The Purple Rose of Cairo
1985 Dianne Wiest The Purple Rose of Cairo
1985 Glenne Headly The Purple Rose of Cairo
1985 Danny Aiello The Purple Rose of Cairo
1985 Jeff Daniels The Purple Rose of Cairo
1985 Michael Tucker The Purple Rose of Cairo
1985 Juliet Taylor The Purple Rose of Cairo
1985 John Wood The Purple Rose of Cairo
1985 Milo O'Shea The Purple Rose of Cairo
1985 George Martin The Purple Rose of Cairo
1985 Van Johnson The Purple Rose of Cairo
1984 Woody Allen Broadway Danny Rose
1984 Jack Rollins Broadway Danny Rose
1984 Jackie Gayle Broadway Danny Rose
1984 Danny Aiello Broadway Danny Rose
1984 Milton Berle Broadway Danny Rose
1984 Peter O'Toole Supergirl
1984 Peter Cook Supergirl
1984 Helen Slater Supergirl
1984 Faye Dunaway Supergirl
1984 Hart Bochner Supergirl
1984 Brenda Vaccaro Supergirl
1984 Simon Ward Supergirl
1983 Michael Jeter Zelig
1983 Woody Allen Zelig
1982 Tammy Grimes The Last Unicorn
1982 Keenan Wynn The Last Unicorn
1982 René Auberjonois The Last Unicorn
1982 Alan Arkin The Last Unicorn
1982 Jeff Bridges The Last Unicorn
1982 Paul H. Frees The Last Unicorn
1982 Angela Lansbury The Last Unicorn
1982 Christopher Lee The Last Unicorn
1982 Robert Klein The Last Unicorn
1982 Don Messick The Last Unicorn
1982 José Ferrer A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy
1982 Woody Allen A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy
1982 Mary Steenburgen A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy
1982 Tony Roberts A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy
1982 Julie Hagerty A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy
1979 Jason Robards, Jr. Hurricane
1979 Trevor Howard Hurricane
1979 Max von Sydow Hurricane
1979 James Keach Hurricane
1979 Timothy Bottoms Hurricane
1979 Tom Courtenay The Private World of Lewis Carroll
1978 Jeanette Nolan Avalanche
1978 Steve Franken Avalanche
1978 Rock Hudson Avalanche
1978 Robert Forster Avalanche
1978 Bette Davis Death on the Nile
1978 Olivia Hussey Death on the Nile
1978 Harry Andrews Death on the Nile
1978 Sam Wanamaker Death on the Nile
1978 Jane Birkin Death on the Nile
1978 Lois Chiles Death on the Nile
1978 Peter Ustinov Death on the Nile
1978 Jack Warden Death on the Nile
1978 George Kennedy Death on the Nile
1978 David Niven Death on the Nile
1978 Angela Lansbury Death on the Nile
1978 Maggie Smith Death on the Nile
1978 Geraldine Chaplin A Wedding
1978 Dina Merrill A Wedding
1978 Bert Remsen A Wedding
1978 John Cromwell A Wedding
1978 Viveca Lindfors A Wedding
1978 Nina Van Pallandt A Wedding
1978 Howard Duff A Wedding
1978 Paul Dooley A Wedding
1978 Lauren Hutton A Wedding
1978 Jeffrey Jones A Wedding
1978 Lillian Gish A Wedding
1978 Dennis Franz A Wedding
1978 Carol Burnett A Wedding
1978 Peggy Ann Garner A Wedding
1978 Vittorio Gassman A Wedding
1977 Keir Dullea Full Circle
1977 Cathleen Nesbitt Full Circle
1977 Jill Bennett Full Circle
1977 Tom Conti Full Circle
1974 William Atherton The Great Gatsby
1974 Roberts Blossom The Great Gatsby
1974 Oliver Clark The Great Gatsby
1974 Karen Black The Great Gatsby
1974 Patsy Kensit The Great Gatsby
1974 Vincent Schiavelli The Great Gatsby
1974 Robert Redford The Great Gatsby
1974 Lois Chiles The Great Gatsby
1974 Sam Waterston The Great Gatsby
1974 Scott Wilson The Great Gatsby
1974 Elliott Sullivan The Great Gatsby
1974 Bruce Dern The Great Gatsby
1974 Howard Da Silva The Great Gatsby
1974 Edward Herrmann The Great Gatsby
1974 Tom Ewell The Great Gatsby
1972 Jean-Paul Belmondo Docteur Popaul
1972 Topol The Public Eye
1971 Ed Flanders Goodbye Raggedy Ann
1971 Martin Sheen Goodbye Raggedy Ann
1971 John Colicos Goodbye Raggedy Ann
1971 Hal Holbrook Goodbye Raggedy Ann
1969 Kristoffer Tabori John and Mary
1969 Marian Mercer John and Mary
1969 Cleavon Little John and Mary
1969 Michael Tolan John and Mary
1969 Dustin Hoffman John and Mary
1969 Olympia Dukakis John and Mary
1969 Tyne Daly John and Mary
1968 Tom Courtenay A Dandy in Aspic
1968 Lionel Stander A Dandy in Aspic
1968 Harry Andrews A Dandy in Aspic
1968 Peter Cook A Dandy in Aspic
1968 Laurence Harvey A Dandy in Aspic
1968 Per Oscarsson A Dandy in Aspic
1968 Calvin Lockhart A Dandy in Aspic
1968 Tony Curtis Rosemary's Baby
1968 Ralph Bellamy Rosemary's Baby
1968 Roy Barcroft Rosemary's Baby
1968 Charles Grodin Rosemary's Baby
1968 Ruth Gordon Rosemary's Baby
1968 Patsy Kelly Rosemary's Baby
1968 William Castle Rosemary's Baby
1968 Elisha Cook, Jr. Rosemary's Baby
1968 Maurice Evans Rosemary's Baby
1968 Bill Baldwin Rosemary's Baby
1968 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Rosemary's Baby
1968 John Cassavetes Rosemary's Baby
1968 Robert Mitchum Secret Ceremony
1968 Pamela Brown Secret Ceremony
1968 Peggy Ashcroft Secret Ceremony
1968 Elizabeth Taylor Secret Ceremony
1968 Robert Douglas Secret Ceremony
1967 Ian Bannen Johnny Belinda
1964 Flora Robson Guns at Batasi
1964 Cecil Parker Guns at Batasi
1964 Richard Attenborough Guns at Batasi
1964 Graham Stark Guns at Batasi
1964 Jack Hawkins Guns at Batasi
1964 Percy Herbert Guns at Batasi
1964 Warner Anderson Peyton Place [TV Series]
1964 Ryan O'Neal Peyton Place [TV Series]
1963 Ross Martin The Ceremony
1963 Noel Purcell The Ceremony
1963 Fernando Rey The Ceremony
1963 Murray Melvin The Ceremony
1963 John Ireland The Ceremony
1963 Laurence Harvey The Ceremony
1963 Lee Patterson The Ceremony
1963 Sarah Miles The Ceremony
1959 Bruce Cabot John Paul Jones
1959 Jean-Pierre Aumont John Paul Jones
1959 Bette Davis John Paul Jones
1959 Charles Coburn John Paul Jones
1959 Peter Cushing John Paul Jones
1959 MacDonald Carey John Paul Jones
1959 Basil Sydney John Paul Jones
1959 Robert Stack John Paul Jones
1959 Bruce Seton John Paul Jones
1959 David Farrar John Paul Jones
1959 Thomas Gomez John Paul Jones
1959 Eric Pohlmann John Paul Jones
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