• Released
  • September 27, 2013
  • (IMAX Exclusive Release; Expands 10/4/13)
  • R , 1 hr 32 min
  • 3D
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What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Metallica: Through the Never is a kind of hybrid concert movie/horror movie. The legendary heavy metal band plays several songs in front of a live audience, although several elements of the concert have been staged specifically for the cameras. Meanwhile, a roadie is sent on a mysterious errand into the city at night. Fighting, dead bodies, a car crash, blood, and a person on fire are shown, as well as additional violence and destruction. Language includes a clear use of "motherf---er" and "bitch," and Metallica's song lyrics have some language and violent images as well (though in these loud, live versions, the lyrics are frequently hard to hear clearly). The concert itself also features some disturbing images, such as video coffins with images of people struggling and screaming inside. The movie is very loud and inarguably for mature fans only, though those fans are very likely to enjoy this creative, visceral experience.
  • Families can talk about the dark, violent images in Metallica's lyrics. Why does the band seem so angry? What do you think they want their music to inspire?
  • What do you suppose is the thing that "the band needs tonight"? Why doesn't Metallica: Through the Never tell us what it is?
  • Who is the Trip character, exactly? Does he seem like a role model? Does he represent some kind of symbol? (Courage?) Would you want his job, working for the band?
  • Is this movie more or less interesting than a regular concert movie? Why?
  • Could the members of Metallica be considered accomplished musicians? Are they role models?
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