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I left feeling like I was actually there!

By kevink22
Written October 05, 2013
I've seen Metallica live 5 times now, so believe me when I say that this show captured the prime example of a truly epic live stage show. The 3D kicked ***and the soundtrack, naturally, kicked even bigger ass. Though I wasn't quite sure what to make of this 'movie' until the narrative part with the lone skater kid kicked in, by the end I felt as though I'd been through hell and back with him. The striking visuals, the dramatic cinematography and ***kicking Metallica hits came together to create what I would have to call the most epic music video ever! Though, my only gripe was with a group of viewers in the back row who just couldn't shut up throughout the entire movie. I understand if you're a passionate Metallica fan, but please, this is not a concert. It's a movie. Shut up and let people watch it. While most of the film is loud and heavy, I wanted to get into the narrative story but couldn't because of those idiots. Other than that. EPIC.
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By kittycat1014
Written October 12, 2013
I was expecting a little more movie , The concert ,music and 3-d was great ,but to be labeled as a movie it really needed to have more of a movie story line. It comes across as a concert with movie inserts. Not enough bang for the buck.
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By jaymzt
Written October 06, 2013
This movie exceeded my expectations and was an amazing experience! Everyone from my 9 year old to my other loved it! The 3D was right on point and made you feel as if you were right on stage with the boys! Oh and the sound was unreal!
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By kramali960
Written October 05, 2013
I enjoy Metallica, but I never expected this kind of magic. By blending the performance with a story, carefully woven, the director has created a classic by which all future concert movies will be judged. Metallica's stage presence is legendary and their act is unforgettable. This film captures all of that. The only thing missing is the raw POWER of the volume present at the actual concert. And - lets face it - only Metallica has the amps - not a theatre. But the playing is all there - close up and real, much better than at the show. The story of the stage hand's adventure is captivating and totally surreal. Where will it end. What is the meaning. OH - and what the heck was in the bag!!!
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By roxiluv
Written October 05, 2013
It was like mixing a Metallica concert with a Post Apocalyptic THE WALL movie. It looked great and sounded great. A must for any Metallica fan!!!
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