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Metallica Through the Never 3D Synopsis
A roadie (Dane DeHaan) for the band Metallica goes on an extraordinary adventure.

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By Eric Kohn
With "Gravity" around the corner, Metallica Through the Never isn't the year's most groundbreaking achievement, but it's surely the most...
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Time Out New York

By Joshua Rothkopf
Maybe because the band enjoyed raves for its daring 2004 psychodrama, Some Kind of Monster, an experimental narrative is shoehorned in,...
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New York Daily News

One drawback: While the swooping and careening visuals capture the depth and darkness of an arena experience, the sound doesn’t. As burly...
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By Dennis Harvey
A definitive document for anyone who’s ever hoisted the devil-horn fingers in metalhead solidarity.
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Chicago Sun-Times

In this film, Metallica elevates headbanging to matters of the head that will consume the viewer long after the fade to black.
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Rolling Stone

By Peter Travers
If you’re looking for an orgasmic trip to heavy-metal heaven, this is it.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Stephen Dalton
However mindless and heartless it may be, Through the Never succeeds as pure sense-swamping spectacle. It is a blow-out banquet for...
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Arizona Republic

By Barbara VanDenburgh
It makes for a unique sort of concert film, but also a weaker one. It would have been better if it had dispensed with the frail narrative...
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Village Voice

This is a movie made for people who mash themselves up against those steel crowd-control barriers at concerts and still don't think they're...
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

If this review had to be in pantomime, it would be me head-banging and busting out some gnarly air guitar for an hour straight – and loving...
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By jaymzt
This movie exceeded my expectations and was an amazing experience! Everyone from my 9 year old to my other loved it! The 3D was right on point and made you feel as if you were right on stage with the...

Throught the never

By doug7
If your a Metallica fan its a must see. Concert scenes are awesome! Music sounded great. Story line was interesting. I think there may be some sort of meaning with the bag that he brings back to...

Metallica rocks!

By samalvarado2
Excellent production. Excellent sound. The mighty Metallica do not disappoint with this film....

Metallica Through the Never

By colt45705
Great movie for all Metallica fans. One of the best stage shows I have ever seen...

Very Good Movie

By mhwalts1998
It definitely left me scratching my head. Although it left me scratching my head It is a very good movie for music lovers. The acting is done very well. It is a good movie for teens and adults alike...

By ozzyec
If your a fan like I have been for the past 27 yrs, you've got to see this. Stage setup is amazingly awesome....

so amazing!!!

By tes0724
loved it. love Metallica. wife loved it and she's not a big metal fan :D...

By Tabascokat
If a fan and haven't been close to the stage At live concerts then you MUST go! Story? Whatever.........

Music Good, Story Not So Good

By chrisk77
The Metallica live performance was great, but the "movie" bits were weak....

Awesome movie

By crazeyGT
Loved the movie, seen it 3x, too bad they already pulled it out. Can't wait for DVD, soundtrack is also great....

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Rated R | For Some Violent Content and Language