• Released
  • August 27, 2010
  • (Limited 8/27)
  • R , 1 hr 53 min
  • Action/Adventure
Mesrine: Killer Instinct Synopsis
French gangster Jacques Mesrine (Vincent Cassel) eventually becomes Public Enemy No. 1.

Movie Reviews

Go If You Like Cassel

By globalblondie
He gives a rich portrayal in this classic "creation of a killer" bio pic. Every cliche is in the mix but he keeps it interesting. Remember -this is part one of a two part story....

Part 1 waste of time

By dpbrew
This movie is a disappointing stinker. The violence is practically pointless. It's one of those movies you keep expecting to get better, it doesn't, and then ends letting you know without advanced...

Mesrine:Killer instinct

By Drez_Digital
A Bold gritty french gangster thriller charting the life and times of jacques mesrine well acted....

A Refreshingly Real Gangster Film

By annacon3
I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys raw violence. It's not sensationalized, over done or gussied up. Although I am a huge Tarantino fan, I had a flash thought during this film only to...

Five Word Review

By lerjbm2
sexy violent french criminal thriller...

Get In, Shut Up, and Drive!

By Eh_Hmm
Vincent Cassel heads up a cast of french gansters in this dipiction of the scandelous life of Jaques Mesrine (May-reen), This is a rollercoaster ride of violence, sex, and prison escapes that will...

Fantastic film!

By DCRobClark
Fantastic film! And Vincent Cassel is astonishing....

Mesrine: For those who can stand endless brutality

By RNB25
My wife and I thought it was a beautifully done film, Vincent Cassel outdid himself, and we're glad we saw it. It is being much talked about, in the media, and now we feel we are party to the...

Close your eyes

By kls403
Some viewers may want to close their eyes during this extended film about a former French soldier with serious anger issues. Beatings, shootings, knifings. On the other hand, it is a well made and...

Five Word Review

By lawrence of arabia
excellent suspenseful definite go see...

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Rated R | For language, strong brutal violence and some sexual content