Directing for Keaton..

By Daydream
Written May 05, 2009
The Merry Gentleman is Michael Keaton's debut as a director. Keaton is a glum hitman that contemplates suicide on more than one occasion after his line of work creates a void within him. He does an amazing job keeping a serious and blank professional look throughout the film. Kelly MacDonald dazzles as a fearful woman that runs away from her abusive cop husband. He eventually tracks her down claiming to have found God and promising to change, but "leopards cant change their spots". Keaton finds MacDonald under a tree, mentioning that people "usually find presents under a tree" and she believes they are like two peas in a pod. Well-done acting by Keaton and MacDonald. This movie isnt playing everywhere, but you should see it if you can. (B-)
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Written May 03, 2009
Excellent film. Well written, acted and directed. Not the usual American fare - more like a European film, with depth and texture.
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Oh no!!! If you go, don't for a.....

By densteele
Written May 17, 2009
Don't get me wrong, I like Michael Keaton. He's one of my favorite actors. I didn't blame him for his performance in this movie until I saw, at the end, that he directed this film. Holy smokes. Slow isn't the word to describe this film. It is slower than slow. Everything about the film is slow -- the cinematography, the acting, the music, the story. So, if you go, don't forget to take a pillow with you. The story had no ending. Oh, for that matter it didn't have a beginning or middle either. I won't say it's the worst film I've seen -- because it isn't. But it isn't worth the price of admission either. The weather here in the SF Bay Area is in the 80's today, and to make it worse, the air conditioning in the theater was broken. Add the heat to the boredom of the film, and it put me to sleep. As I was leaving the theater, about 10 of us, all strangers, started talking about the film -- how we love Keaton and didn't like the film. So, wait for the CD.
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Keaton was Amazing!!!!

By JFandrich
Written June 18, 2009
What an amazingly directed movie..... dark and ominous, this film was superb. Kelley Mac Donald was as beautiful and delightful as ever!!
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Merry Gentleman

By bobster1939
Written May 14, 2009
Great character study and great acting.
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