• Released
  • November 14, 2014
  • (Limited 03/06/2015)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 36 min
  • Documentary
Merchants of Doubt Synopsis
Spin doctors spread misinformation and confusion among American citizens to delay progress on such important issues as global climate change.

Movie Reviews

Merchants of Doubt

By spayedaspayed
Cleverish method of imbedding the obvious and historic: tobacco, kids pajamas, et al. This amidst the underlying punch for 'climate change' (aka global warming, aka global cooling, aka kaka...)....

By dsilverman256
Very revealing about tobacco, flame retardants, climate change....

Can't believe this practice is legal!

By carioquinha17
Every single person on this earth should watch this documentary!...

Merchants of Doubt

By chuckerns
Excellent film, well done and very informative. No doubt that these people are dangerous and devilish and immoral....

A Masterpiece

By mrlewis620
Terrific -- should be required viewing for American citizenship, and everyone should also read the book it's based on, of the same title -- a real public service....

The movie itself is pure propaganda

By tscoughlin
Obviously has a big agenda, shapes the movie accordingly and disregards any facts that do not support the agenda. Pure garbage....

Merchants of Doubt

By stubbsmarilyn
This is the most professionally produced documentary I have ever seen. The topic is far-reaching and filled with opportunities to get lost in the subject, yet the film maker managed to masterfully...

Power to Truth

By kathryn789
This is pure Saul Alinsky. What was once a strategy of truth to power, the climate change issue has become the government's manipulation power to shape the truth. Obama declares the scientism of...

Merchants of Doubt

By jodilang
Excellent movie! While it presented one side of the situation, there was certainly enough proof there, especially when interviewing those who were hired to spread disinformation and...

By simiendavid

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