What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Mental is a dark comedy that focuses on a dysfunctional home with five daughters, an unstable mother, a father who's completely removed himself from the scene, and a kooky drifter/nanny who tries to fix both the family and herself. Several storylines feature mental illness, and it's not quite clear whether the nanny is completely sane. There's a good deal of profanity (including "f--k," "s--t," and more), and several moments when the main character uses violence or threats to make her point. One scene includes naked teens fooling around on a water slide (breasts and bottom are briefly glimpsed), and there are other scenes with suggestive material. A teen girl marries an older woman.
  • Families can talk about what Mental is trying to say about who's labeled mentally ill vs. who's considered normal. Is Shaz insane or just willing to ignore social conventions?
  • Why is the Moochmore family so broken? Why does the father refuse to come home? How have his actions damaged his wife and daughters? Which of them, if any, are actually mentally ill?
  • Who do you think Mental is intended to appeal to? Does it succeed? Do you consider it a dark comedy, a drama, or a mix of both?
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