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Men in Black lll 3D

By rsmundy
Written May 31, 2012
My wife and I went to see this wonderful 3D movie it is one of the best after 13 years, I do recommend seeing it in 3D it worth the extra money for sure. Best of all lots of laughs. Also great FX effects. When this comes out on BluRay I'll buy it just for the behind the scenes.
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Action-Packed, Well Written, Fun

By zinniazing
Written May 26, 2012
Josh Brolin was amazing in this film. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have their usual great connection. The story is strong, special effects outstanding, full of twists and turns. I highly recommend this movie!
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By AMHarris_2005
Written June 01, 2012
If you were planing on seeing Gone With The Wind forget it. If your looking for an entertaining evening it's a Must Go.It has the Classic Style and color of the Original MIB. Missed Zed (Rip Torn) but nice Memorial. Also, missed Frank, Watch for subtle references. The 3D was very natural but not over baring. The representation of Younger k was well executed. Some say the movie is predictable.I felt it was more familiar. If you need a Rating I'd give it 4 an 1/2 slices of Apple Pie with Swiss Cheese.
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Best One Yet

By foxmulder241
Written May 26, 2012
I loved this movie it had a great story and the twist at the end made it even better. We all know and expected Will Smith to be great and he did not disappoint, What surprised me was how great Josh Brolin he played a great Tommy Lee Jones right down to being able to get his voice perfect. My only complaints Zed wasn't in it and Tommy Lee Jones only made a cameo basically, If there is a part 4 maybe Tommy Lee Jones can come back and play a bigger part
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Men in Black III 3D

By oceaneagle3
Written June 14, 2012
We really enjoyed Men in Black 3. The story was great and tied together the other Men in Black movies, though it wasn't as gory and graphic as the last 2 movies, so some people might not like that. Save your money and see this movie in 2D as there wasn't many 3D effects. This movie was appropriate for our 9-yr old niece, as she was able to follow the story.
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