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Lighten Up and Enjoy the Night

By Crafige
Written May 29, 2012
Yes, some of the same humor was here but since it worked before WHO CARES. This movie was a good escape and a good story if you allow it to flow. Just loosen the tie. The younger "Agent K" was an awesome fit for this movie and added a lot to it. My wife and I BOTH liked it which is unusual for us. The critics have lost touch of movie reality. I have plenty a dissappointed in what critics thought were "worthy" movies. Go more with what moviegoers say. I highly recommend this one.
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By deadtree
Written May 28, 2012
I took my mom to see this, as she's always been a big fan of the franchise. Both of us were disappointed. The first 20-30 minutes of the film are equal parts boring and disgusting, between Tommy Lee Jones' sleepy disinterest in his role and the hyper-violent baddie whose ability is to shoot spikes from his hand and nail people to the wall. Add a dash of weird racial stereotyping, a few superfluous scenes about hippies, and overall what you have is a mess. The latter part of the film (after J goes back in time) does provide some entertainment, such as a fun and creative scene featuring Andy Warhol, but it's too little and too late. Furthermore, this film retcons some significant plot points from the first film (possibly the second, but I can't really remember that one) for no reason. Overall, a pass, and DEFINITELY a pass for children (there were many in the theater when I was there) due to excessive violence.
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Waste of Great Acting Abilities! BOO!

By FanMaryFan
Written May 28, 2012
I don't expect a sci-fi/action movie to be realistic, but a child can see through the holes in this story. For example, when they went back in time, there were things they couldn't use because they hadn't been invented yet, while they had other amazing technology that didn't fit. At times characters simply popped up in places and we have no idea how/why they got there. The intended humor was sparse and poorly delivered and got very few laughs. There were a couple of people in the theatre that laughed at EVERYTHING (you know the ones) but the remaining audience never laughed, including myself. Some good special effects but not enough to carry the movie.
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MIB3 - worth every penny!

By globalreach
Written May 25, 2012
Delightful and fun scifi; as good as MIB1. The scary arch nemesis (Jemaine Clement) tries to destroy the world by making a time jump to destroy K (Tommy Lee Jones). J (Will Smith) time jumps to save the young K (Josh Brolin) and the world. J and young K are helped to save the planet by a peaceful and calm alien named Griffin (Michael Stuhlbarg). Michael Stuhlbarg is wonderful and his character Griffin well compliments J and young K. Josh Brolin does a wonderful imitation of Tommy Lee Jones, including his voice.
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We liked it a lot

By I_Liked_it
Written May 25, 2012
It was the most emotional of the MIB movies. It stood alone as it's own movie, not as a #3 in the series (as sequels often do.).
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