Terrible cinematography!

By criterion123
Written December 23, 2011
This could have been a beautiful film. But the the camera was all over the place. Terrible and not worth getting physically sick over seeing. Got my money back after 45 mins! JUNK!
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Great movie!!

By mish_anderson
Written November 16, 2011
The only thing I did not like about this move is that there are only 2 movie theatres in NYC playing this movie. I choose to go to the Angelica. As much as I love sitting in the 1st row looking strait up, straining my neck... No thank you. I would have enjoyed Melancholia much more sitting at home than watch any movie at this theatre anymore!!!
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I give Tiers credit for suspense and a clever story of doom.

By Nacho Baggo
Written December 15, 2011
He is super at fueling suspense by giving the audience the ending in the first 2 minutes. We then march to the doom of coliding worlds at a pace that is forced onto us. Like an orbit we can't stop and knowing the ending. Clever. It was an irritating march though. They used a hand camera to film the whole movie. Constant camera shake that is obviously intentional and so annoying. They also struggled with the focus to really make this film a challenge to enjoy and take in. This tactic was way overused. It should have been used sparingly to help with Kirsten's moods. And we are forced to sit through a bizarre wedding with the worst people. It isn't worth the admission price. Rent it if you dare.
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By amonroe999
Written November 25, 2011
I am still trying to comprehend just what exactly was the purpose of this film. The best I can come up with is how people react differently to a civilization-ending situation. That being said, I am also still trying to comprsend on what basis the film has such a dark view of the future. Many of today's concerns have been confronted and dealt with in the past. Should not we take a more objective and optomistic view of our ability to deal with these concerns?
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Beautiful yet Boring in all its Un-Glory

By ska-triumph
Written December 09, 2011
This has got to be one of Von Trier's tamest, and frankly lamest, films in his oevure. It's hard enough to keep the mounting end-of-the-world tension high AFTER the film already wows you with the opening montage. It plateaus after that all the way through. Beautiful setting, shots, compositions, CGI, and cast -- but I believed the oncoming planet more than the sibling/family dysfunction. I don't need everything explained but I Ms. Dunst's JUSTINE didn't really communicate she already had premonitions before she revealed she had to speak them. That and the pacing made this thing a good 30-45 minutes too long.
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