Melancholia review

By Trueno
Written November 12, 2011
This movie was just weird overall. It was kind of worth seeing in a way, but many parts were boring and drawn out. It was also unrealistic as the situation in which another planet, out of our solar system, would ever hit us is absolutely 0%. This movie has two main parts. Part 2 is better than part 1, but they both are too slow and boring. Go see it just to say you did, but be prepared not to be amazed.
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Melancholia: 130 Minutes of Torment

By YoYo Mama
Written December 12, 2011
Of the 30 or so people in the theatre for this feast of ashes, half left by the midpoint. Others like myself remained to see if it could possibly get worse. It did. This vile and pointless movie is about vile and pointless people whose vile and pointless existence is about to be snuffed out by a collision with a rogue planet (It really isn't SciFi, despite the $5.95 or so they spent on superfluous special effects). Kirsten Dunst's character "Justine" is bipolar, thinks she knows the future, and is the kind of woman you hope neither you nor anyone you care about will ever meet. She is relentlessly self-absorbed, such that when her clothing finally comes off in completely gratuitous nude scenes, you think, "Put your clothes back on honey, no one is interested." If you're masochistic enough to stay to the end of this stinker, you'll be certain that God aimed another planet at the Earth because He just couldn't take any more of these noxious characters, and you'll be glad he did
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don't waste your time

By nealoy
Written January 14, 2012
this movie was awful. very slow and boring. didn't care about any of the characters. a very interesting premise ruined by an attempt to be overly dramatic and 'artsy'. People may tell you what a great and moving film this is, but they are just trying to appear sophisticated. It's also 2hrs 15 minutes, so be prepared.
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Strangely Beautiful

By bittersweetness
Written December 29, 2011
Not your typical movie. But I think that's why I enjoyed it. The beginning has a lot to take in but as the movie goes on the story unravels. Even though it feels like things move along slowly it does give you time to take it in. Justine was such an unstable creature for what was suppose to be the happiest day of her life. And her sister Claire, which you thought was more put together-really wasn't. There were a number of beautiful scenes. I think we've all gone through moments in life that happened so fast but when it the moment -ran so slow. The reality is nobody ever really has it together. But the characters show their strengths for those in need of them.
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Somewhere in the middle of so-so & go

By The Schmooze
Written January 02, 2012
I watched this movie at home, before it made the box office. I love strange stories, but this one was a bit uncomfortable. The acting saved the movie, but it was beyond slow. Go see for yourself, for me I saved 10 bucks watching it at that was worth it.
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