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By janiebear
Written November 19, 2010
the most fun movie i've seen in a while. sooooooo gooood. everyone MUST see it
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Entertaining For The Whole Family

By Candiapplesmith
Written November 21, 2010
I really enjoyed this movie. Entertaining for adults and children alike. 'Megamind' is a movie that I would have gone to see regardless of whether or not my son went. The plot was plausible and the acting was believable. Need a laugh? Go see this movie.
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By JennaLee0
Written December 15, 2010
Megamind is a new take on classic superhero stories. The good guy usually always wins and gets the beautiful girl while the bad guy ends up either dead or locked up in an indestructible prison. Megamind takes all the cliches and expectancies and just changes it up and gives your family something new and exciting. Megamind is a great movie for parties or family nights. The story will never get old.
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By mony6381
Written December 12, 2010
I at first didn't want to see this movie, i'm not all into superhero cartoon pictures. but to my surprise i really liked it, it was a warm , yet very funny. The jokes i thought were more for adults, not dirty , but undertood more by adults. The story line was great. I really loved it. My son also liked it, so it is a good kid movie. Great movie to see with your kids. Parents and kids will enjoy it.
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Totally Enjoyed This Movie!

By shariluhn
Written December 31, 2010
I was taken by surprise! I find it hard to stay away during animated movies... But this one was interesting and had some fun plot twists.
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