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My husband took my 6 yr old and they really enjoyed it and their bonding time

By marigold1000
Written November 07, 2010
He recommends it - which is pretty rare coming from him for a kids' movie. There must be stuff that adults can appreciate as well. I look forward to seeing it with my daughter while my son is in school and my son can't wait to go see it again - in 3D next time!
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By pourgirl
Written November 10, 2010
I took my 8yr. old daughter and her 7yr. old girlfriend to this movie. I thought it was very funny w/lines that adults would get more than the younger ones. I noticed that the girls were looking bored at times and listening to the crowd, more adults were laughing than the kids. My daughter thought the trailer was different from what she saw. I explained to her that trailers don't tell the whole story, you have to see the whole thing for yourself. I found the morals to this story were pretty cool, but could've been more out there for kids than more of a thought process with all that goes on. I thought the morals were..not pretending to be something your not, being bad is not cool and you can change that if you really wanted to, and telling lies to make people like you, isn't going to work...honesty is the best policy in life. Once I explained it to my daughter, she thought the movie was pretty cool, but I don't see us buying it on dvd, maybe watching it again when it hits tv.
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very cute and funny

By kimthorn
Written November 17, 2010
My daughter and I absolutely loved this movie. The characters were very likable. This is a movie for all ages.
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By JasonDRolle
Written February 14, 2016
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Written February 14, 2016
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