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By dreid66
Written November 11, 2010
My daughter really enjoyed the movie, she loved Tina Fey character. I would recommend this movie for the whole family.
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Can't understand the hype!

By arariboia
Written November 08, 2010
Have you seen the Incredibles and Despicable Me? Then there's nothing new for you here, except if you are a 3-D fan, which I'm not. What a predictable, silly, boring little movie this is... And the now-fashionable attempt at a "relationship" discussion, complete with annoying female voice and tears in the rain... Is that common fare now in kids movies? And is that so parents stay interested? I was greatly disappointed, but my 10-year old liked it.
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Not worth it...

By Veromom
Written November 06, 2010
Aside from a few scenes that were actually funny. This movie is not worth the hype. My two children have been begging to see it, but the couldn't even make it half way through without asking to leave. The movie was slow and boring. I'm actually glad that I went to a matinee showing and didn't pay the full ticket price.
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By dawsonmckay
Written November 06, 2010
no heart. only fair acting. didn't hate it but I sure wish I had seen Due Date instead.
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My husband took my 6 yr old and they really enjoyed it and their bonding time

By marigold1000
Written November 07, 2010
He recommends it - which is pretty rare coming from him for a kids' movie. There must be stuff that adults can appreciate as well. I look forward to seeing it with my daughter while my son is in school and my son can't wait to go see it again - in 3D next time!
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