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Totally Enjoyed This Movie!

By shariluhn
Written December 31, 2010
I was taken by surprise! I find it hard to stay away during animated movies... But this one was interesting and had some fun plot twists.
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By cnjsmom
Written February 22, 2011
It was a cute movie with a good theme.
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Great movie for all

By lowewilliam
Written November 30, 2010
Will Farrell/Megamind was hilarious. Go see it with the family. The humor was obviously aimed at young and old alike. In many cases the adults were laughing more than the kids.
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The kids reactions are as much fun as the movie

By lotsakidscallmemom
Written November 08, 2010
Took several children from age 2-7 to the movies. during the movie I listened to the 6yr old say "they shouldn't treat him so mean" to having the 7yr old cover his eyes in a kissing scene. The 2 yr old was the most fun as his face gets animated, I watched other children in the theater. It teaches kids how you treat them when there little could turn them into something. It was entertaining for adults with just enough slipped in wit to kept grown ups happy. All in All it shows Kids people can change. Over all a good lesson. A must go for kids 2-10. Just don't have the younger ones in 3D versions. A should go for kids above 10. An anyone who enjoyed super heroes growing up it's a SHould Go. just bring a kid along to add to the entertainment value.
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Five Word Review

By jonny72007
Written November 09, 2010
Funny Hillarious Cool Hollo Megamindmazing
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