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Fun for kids and adults!

By pelicula24
Written November 06, 2010
This movie had a relatable story, lovable characters, and a rocking soundtrack. Parents will enjoy this movie as much as the kids do!
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soooooooooooooo cool

By dyanmccarthy
Written September 05, 2015
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see this not that

By onemp4u
Written December 04, 2010
Go see this and be entertained, Or go see Harry Potter and be bored out of your mind.
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Five Word Review

By MovieCeer
Written December 04, 2010
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megamind the funny time

By michellynn
Written November 24, 2010
It's such a cute movie. I laughed throughout probably half the movie. Sone parts are a little "snoozey" but fir the most part it was good. I would say take your kids to go see it, they would like it.
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