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Five Word Review

By movieman529
Written November 20, 2010
a must go movie yo!
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By Jtruxall
Written November 08, 2010
I'm a little disappointed by this movie. It had such hype and I felt like it was a bit of a let down. It wasn't that funny. It was cute, had a great soundtrack, but wasn't worth the money for an IMAX experience. Rent it.
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Well Worth the Wait

By BackBaySushi
Written November 11, 2010
My kids have been waiting for this movie for months as the teaser trailers came out during the summer. It was well worth the wait. The story structure is fine for kids while still providing many opportunities for pithy lines that adults will enjoy. The graphics were outstanding. Since the animation style was attempting to be closer to realism for the main characters than say Toy Story 3, the quality was outstanding. There is a scene in the rain on a city street that looked absolutely real except for the characters themselves. Pleasant use of hard rock anthems to set the mood and a more than acceptable ending to have you leaving the theatre with a big smile on your face. There are no life changing messages here; just good clean entertainment. For anyone that likes animated movies (I'm talking adults here), MegaMind proved to be well worth the wait.
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Mega Mind is Mega Fun

By thebouris
Written November 06, 2010
A cute movie for the whole family. Not in the same league as Despicable Me, but a good movie.
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By gman7969
Written November 17, 2010
awesome movie...i think the adults were laughing harder than the kids......really a great family experience
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