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Mega Mind

By PRS473
Written November 29, 2010
This was one movie I thought was worth seeing, funny story line and crisp vivid color made this movie exciting to watch!
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All Around good movie

By mrsros
Written December 08, 2010
Let me start by saying I hate to give these kinds of reviews. I don't know enough about cinematography, etc. to speak intelligently about it. So I will say this, my child and I enjoyed this movie, we laughed and were a little surprised by some things (mainly me because I thought I knew how things were going to play out from the previews). I love Will Farrell most of the time and he was really good in my opinion. Tina Fey was great too! A very good cast. The animation was really good too, I am a 70's baby and remember what animation use to be like.
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Great Adult humor and specials

By WTF WeirDave
Written November 23, 2010
The movie was great! It had lots of adult laughs and great animation. The plot line is not so stereotypical so you won't be bored and the voice acting was quite fitting for the characters. Definitely worth full price
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Trying Hard Not to Be Dead, Beady Eyes and a Big Blue Head

By Lucy-Noelle
Written November 23, 2010
Despite the fact that I was wearing purloined 3D glasses from another movie, which made the background look like the foreground, I enjoyed this movie very much. It's substantial enough to entertain parents with kids, and the redemption of the evil Megamind is a good message. Will Ferrell is brilliant, as usual, as the blue-headed villain. Overall, a good time.
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Five Word Review

By WalkingDisaster
Written November 23, 2010
cute amusing predictable entertaining average
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