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By fiddleleaf
Written November 24, 2010
this movie was very entertaining. i took a 9,11,&13 year old. it was clean and fresh with no suggestive sexual elements.. i would love more clean movies like this.. the kids today are so filled with sexual elements in movie and tv.. they grow up way to fast.. so this movie was great.. lots of action, good over evil (just like roy rodgers) and the evil turning to the good guy.what a nice consept. wow, 3D has come a long ways since i was young.. we will be back. thanks for several hours of delightful whimsy.
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Awesome family fun

By yabo692
Written November 26, 2010
My daughter and I went to see Megamind in 3D. It was already a great experience since I purchased the tickets through Fandango and didn't have to wait in line. The movie was awesome. First time I have seen a movie in the new 3d technology. Loved the fact that the villian became the good guy and vice versa. A must see for anyone with children.
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Great message in the movie

By cathyicare
Written November 06, 2010
At the heart of this movie is the nature (abilities, gifts and talents one is born with) v. nurture (the environment, community and those things we learn) debate. It teaches a wonderful lesson that despite our situations (poverty or wealth, parenting, opportunities, etc.) we should all work to be the best people we can be. From the beginning Megamind was set up to be a bad guy. He was essentially raised by criminals and soon believed the only thing he was good at was being bad. So his intent was to be the best of the bad. Megamind becomes a changed "man" and realizes that it is what you do with what you have that is ultimately important. I recommend this movie for all ages, we all can learn from it.
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Greatt Moviee!

By colorfuldapphy
Written November 02, 2010
I went to an early screening of the movie a few days ago and I have go to tell y'all it was GREAT! I enjoyed the plot and humor! Haha I recommend this movie to anyone who is alive and breathing out there!
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megamind 3D

By colefire
Written December 14, 2010
grreat animation and clarity. V
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