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More than Movie Trailer

By Her Mother
Written December 05, 2010
The movie trailers didn't do this movie justice. It was great and much more than I expected!
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By sakiko kawaguchi
Written December 01, 2010
This movie has a twist in which the bad guys win. The story is complicated but fun to watch.
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By superwoman114
Written November 14, 2010
The 3D experience of Mega-Mind was... MEGA-AWESOME. The story line was an unexpected twist to the usual GOOD vs. EVIL etc. etc. I liked that the bad guy, turned good... actually won. Typically the "bad" guys are just super-sensitive super guys that have been let down at one point in their life or another by somebidy they deeply cared about ---- so it was nice to give somebody a break and let them have a happy endind after all - even if it seemed like they didn't derserve it in the beginning. Everybody deserves a second chance. The graphics were stupendous - things were actually flying at our heads - it's truly amazing. Double thumbs up. A great movie for any ages - tall and small.
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By Movie-Divas
Written November 12, 2010
Great movie with a different viewpoint. It's refreshing!
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awesome film

By ugabuggy
Written December 17, 2010
great movie!! take the kids1
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