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My first 3D to go see

By stevelamy1
Written December 13, 2010
Great movie with a lot of 3D visual action, went with my 6 year old grandson, would recommend for guys and boys. Good movie for dads to watch with younger sons
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Five Word Review

By bryguy84
Written November 06, 2010
Don't Waste Your Friggen Money!!!
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An great, fun movie for everyone!

By Altaiguy
Written November 09, 2010
This movie has something for everyone. The animation is great and the 3D is very good. The humor is straight forward and geared to all ages. The music is good and well used in the film. This will be one you will want to see and own!
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Five Word Review

By Kakaru
Written November 08, 2010
very enjoyable movie for all
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I Hate You ValGirl

By inthewalnut
Written November 06, 2010
People like you who view film as nothing more than a pot for your precious little ones to piss in are the Fox News of cultural criticism. People like you have no idea what good film is, let alone how to judge. News flash, though your world clearly revolves around your six year old, the rest of the world does not. Your probably one of those people that ALWAYS brings your child to the theater because in your mind its a daycare center. People like you ruin the movies for absolutely EVERYONE else.
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