Funny, Crude, Tasteless.

By orange20854
Written January 25, 2008
Listen. If you've seen Date Movie, Scary Movie (1-4), or even Epic Movie (which was clearly the worst of them all), then you know the kind of humor you're going to see. The movie was almost clever, with few pop culture references throw in randomly for laughs. The storyline is thin, to say the least. Don't bring ANYONE under the age of 14. There are MANY sexual themes. (I only say 14, because that was the age I was probably "ready" to see this kind of stuff.) Go see a matinee, too. Don't waste your money.
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omg awesome!!

By cassieland424
Written January 25, 2008
this movie was so good. i would reccomend it to anyone. great. love it. gotta see it!!!!
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By plaquefairy
Written January 11, 2008
******* looks hilarieus
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Meet the spartans

Written January 12, 2008
No one has seen this movie yet and im one, so im not going to recommened it to anyone I'm just saying if your a teen or even an adult epic and date movie had its hilarious moments so i "THINK" meet the spartans is going to have its funny parts too
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Meet The Spartans- Cool!!!!! :)

By movie_goer525
Written January 27, 2008
This movie was pretty good. Do not take kids to this movie!!!!!!! It was really inappropriate for kids, but for teens, it was awesome!!!!! There were so many funny parts!!!!!! If you are a teen who likes to laugh, see this movie!!!!
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