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MEET THE PATELS is a laugh-out-loud real life romantic comedy about Ravi Patel, an almost-30-year-old Indian-American who enters a love triangle between the woman of his dreams...and his parents.
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Over Hyped

By sumukhsh
I went with the hype to watch the movie but its not as good as its being rated. In fact, its an average movie - you can pass this one....

An entertaining learning experience

By tachikathy
Our little group thoroughly enjoyed this documentary - the most entertaining documentary I've ever seen. We learned about a cultural practice completely foreign to our own, we laughed (with, not at),...

Not what I expexted

By ykhatau
Badly made documentary - not sure what the makers are thinking......

a true real-life documentary comedy

By swatishah
This movie is charming, cute and true to real-life. As a Gujurati, Indian-American woman born and raised in the US, I can attest that there are slices from this film that are slices from my life. ...

Funny. Poignant. Def recommend

By shopaddict88
Meet the Patels tends to over generalize one Patel families' views to all Gujaratis/all Indians where as the same course is often not true. There are over 30 different Indian sub-cultures. Also it...

laugh out loud funny...awesome

By Cali200

Incredibly Funny- We Loved It!

By sengdeune
We had quite a laugh. It's witty, intelligent, creative and heartwarming. Will watch it again!...

By djp1218
Loved Meet the Patels, great idea for a doc....

Fantastic!! One of the Funniest Movies EVER!!

By smprasad
Sure, I'm easily influenced by this movie as an Indian American about 15 years older than Ravi Patel who had quite surprisingly a very similar experience to mine when it came time for the parents to...


By sindhigrl
Was a very funny movie. Would def see it again....

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Rated PG | For For thematic elements, brief suggestive images and incidental smoking