Fun for the Kids

By saintandrew
Written July 14, 2008
Expectations low - whose wouldn't be after Norbert? - my wife and I decided to see Meet Dave mostly because the show time was most convenient after our dinner at PF Changs. Dave emerged as a great movie for early teens, tweens, and kids older than eight. I have to admit that I enjoyed the movie and wasn't disappointed that I'd spent our theatre money on it. The storyline is well done and the jokes are entertaining. There is some social messaging about the usual judgments and prejudices people have - but its light and very well woven into the storyline. Eddie Murphy plays his part well, the rest of the cast is sound, and there are all sorts of buried jokes in the film for adults too. If you're on a night out with your favorite hottie, I'd recommend it if you plan to sit in the back and make out. Otherwise, it’s a must rent or see it at the dollar theatre. However, if your kids are driving you up the walls while they're out of school on summer break, send them! They’ll enjoy it.
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A riot in the isles ... a MUST see

By AtlBuzzDawg
Written July 11, 2008
Okay, all I've got to say is "I'm Dave Ming Chang!" All right, not really, but once you see the movie, you'll understand ;) I went in with rather low expectations of the movie. I'd purposely tried to NOT see any trailers or learn anything about the movie. I was wrong. The movie was a riot. It provided for many Many MANY FUNNY moments that will keep you laughing from the start of the movie until the last of the credits have rolled past. Yes, you MUST stay for the entire roll of credits; you've not seen the entire movie unless you do. Trust me on this one, you will miss some very funny things that are shown during the credits as well. GRADE: a good solid A
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Another Eddie Murphy Train Wreck

By Dave_G78
Written June 16, 2008
In memory of Eddie Murphy...not funny since 1990.
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By bigmoviemike
Written June 09, 2008
wow, eddie murphy has lost it, he needs to go back to making r- rated comedies, that's where he is funny. this looks like the biggest piece of garbage, you couldnt even pay me to see this crap.
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i luv this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By tekla98
Written September 09, 2008
this is the best Eddie Murphy movie yet , meet dave is super funny and hilarious for all ages .it will have you laughing out loud ,when i first saw this movie i couldn't hardly breathe cuz it was soooo funny!!!! you should really go
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