I love Aaron

By NickIGS
Written April 29, 2008
He is a great actor hopefully he can move this storyline along its looking to be like Dan in real life I liked it but others might disagree Basically if you liked Dan in real life or Thank you for smoking (Aaron Eckhart) you might like this movie Lets just hope its not another "Weather man" with Nicholas Cage See you at the movies =D
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meet bill

By sammy51
Written April 17, 2008
a slow start but picks up with some clean comedy. good movie overalll
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Meet Bill

By aprilhill1
Written April 14, 2008
Well, this movie did have some funny parts however, it really moved way too slowly. Would not give it a good rating.
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By ciscokidfpm
Written April 30, 2009
Bill (Aaron Eckhart) has everything he could ever want. A beatuful wife, a great house, a job where he doesn't have to do anything. A life where he doesn't have to do anything. Yet, he is unhappy and we are supposed to cheer for him when his wife cheats on him and thus he turns a new leaf by beating up the guy. Along the way, Bill mentor a kid from his old school. The kid supposelly renews Bill's life because he is rich and think he can do anything. Bill returns the favor by telling the kid life sucks! When finaly Bill seems to know what he wants; he leaves us hanging and the movie ends. Thanks Bill! Thanks for nothing! This will be a movie to look up the kid again if he makes it big elsewhere. And Thanks to Eckhart's acting otherwise I would have turned this thing off.
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i don't know what movie people were watching (viewed on library DVD)

By redyeah
Written September 18, 2009
maybe I just have a higher attention span, but when I watched this movie, I was entertained. The boy that Eckhart was mentoring kept the laughs coming. Jessica Alba should have been on screen more because she always lightens the mood and entertains. There was growth in character and it was not slow at all to me.
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