Mechanic: Resurrection Synopsis
A master assassin must kill three targets to save the woman he loves from an old enemy.
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One of the best Mechanics yet

By ggoodroe
This was a very enjoyable movie. It was one of the first to have more than just Mr. Statham holding the movie down. The addition of Jessica Alba, and Tommy Lee Jones added value. Tommy Lee Jones in...

machanic resurrection

By wbanas

Best Action Packed Movie this Year

By Boxerluvin03
Great movie lots of action...

Jason Doesn't Disappoint!!

By mrsmots
Huge Fan of Jason Statham. This movie had everything to enjoy: good love interest (He meshed good with Jessica Alba), creative story line, great stunts and action, and some of the most beautiful,...


By nvnvnv
Only one reason to see this movie...SHIRTLESS JASON hot...ridiculous movie otherwise, except the pool scene and the Tommy Lee Jones character. What really pisses me off is why an...

Really bad

By nboling
In a nutshell, The Avengers movies are much more realistic than this. Turn your brain off, and the action is not too bad, but it's like an eighth grader wrote it. I like the stars....but in this...

By ahubbard3rd
If you want real life, walk down the street. If you like fantasy action, then this movie is for you. Critics need to get over themselves....

Low budget

By mcarreon274
Shows lack of good special effects , water scenes are specially bad since you could tell it was done in a pool , cliche script and bad camera skills, lead actress showed little to no skill in most of...


By Drurafferty

By qzone61
The movie was fast pace full of action!...

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Rated R | For Violence throughout and language.
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Violent Jason Statham sequel is lazy and poorly made.
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