Meat Loaf: In Search of Paradise

By KittyML7N
Written April 02, 2008
I was worth eveery penny to see it. If you are a fan of Meat Loaf and want to see a new sode of him than this is the movie for you.
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Meatloaf: In Search of Paradise

By boliver18
Written April 02, 2008
This movie was great! It was amazing to see that work that goes into planning and preparing for a tour. Meatloaf was hilarious and it was great to see another side of him and to see how dedicated he is to putting on a good show for his fans. Any die hard fan will think this movie was well worth seeing!
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Well worth it!

By jurismorte
Written April 02, 2008
The movie was great!! I really liked seeing how the whole tour thing happens through the eyes of a singer I adore. I've seen Meat Loaf in concert and he's amazing! Any child of the 80's will really love this move!!
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By clsand99
Written April 04, 2008
needs it. doesn't have it.
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Great Flick

Written April 05, 2008
My wife and I saw this and came out singing the whole way home. i have always been a Meatloaf fan, she not really. We both enjoyed the look inside the world of Meatloaf. We were able to see the intelligence and genius, not only a rock icon, but a "performer" in every sense of the word. there was a decent amount of concert footage to really enjoy his music. This is a do***entary, not a concert movie. It is an enjoyable combination of both.
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