Me and You, Us, Forever

By Good and Wholesome
Written February 15, 2008
From what I've read about this movie it sounds like a winner to me. Why? Because it's clean and wholesome. The message has opportunity to help people through difficult times giving us hope. I'm going to see it tomorrow with my man! :)
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Terrible movie

By dandan55
Written February 18, 2008
Seriously. Do not see this movie. I left the movie and couldn't help but talk about how bad it was for a while after. More than 50% of the movie is a guy sitting and thinking with the same horrible music playing in the background. The story line isn't great, the acting was horrible and the way it was put together was all around horrible.
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What did I just see?

By tl72
Written February 18, 2008
That was the worst movie ever created on the face of the planet what a waste of money and time that I'll never get back!
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Me & you. us, forever

By raegan04
Written February 21, 2008
Wow, truly a complete waste of time, energy, money. I haven't a kind thing to say about this flick, at all.........
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