Orson Welles to a T

By FrBobCarr
Written December 17, 2009
at 51, I am obviously of an age when I had seen Orson Welles on TV. As a radio fan, I certainly have heard many times his War of the Worlds. That said, it is without question that Christian McKay becomes Welles. This is an outstanding film that is for the serious movie viewer interested in the art as much as the entertainment. Richard Linkletter takes us back to 1937, when radio is king, TV does not exist. Economy is in the tank, and life is simple. It is also a literary time when education was more comprehensive and getting published in the New Yorker was a writer's dream. (Although the latter is still true) All of this reality plays well in a movie focused on a company of actors dealing with the "Great" Orson Welles, as Zac Efron plays a 17 year old trying to be a man while still being a boy Those members of Efron's contemporaries may not enjoy the film as much as my generation because the story is about Orson.Efron plays the device through which we watch him. Great Flick!
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Me and Orson Welles

By carbon60
Written November 29, 2009
Excellent film, one of the best of the year, but for thinking people only. Definitely not a teen movie. Brilliant script, beautifully drawn characters and excellent acting. Brings to vivid life a wonderful period in American theatrical history, with period clothes, cars, everything. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Makes you wish you were there. Deserves wider distribution. Has several Oscars in its future - writing, cinematography, editing, acting and directing.
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What a Gem

By safari guide
Written December 08, 2009
I went because my wife & her girl friend picked it. The movie was fantastic, the acting superb and everyone in it hit the high notes. Zach Efron & Christian McKay were especially wonderful. I'd never seen either before and Christian looked just you'd imagine Orson must have as a young man. I predict awards galore in several categories!!! GO!
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Fun and Involving

By JoeNYCStar
Written December 04, 2009
I very much enjoyed this movie. It is fun and fairly light fair. About 2/3 the way through, I really got to feel for the characters and a part of the movie. Orson is played over the top, but that is the way most of his contemporaries discribe him. All the characters are true to life.
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Me and Orsen Welles

By emg101
Written December 16, 2009
The acting was good from pretty much all...but the plot and story was limited and boring....there was no good climax or drama or interesting story line....it gave good insight to time setting and as I said the acting was good....but a good story line was not present
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