A movie that underlines dedication, hard work, love and passion for reaching goals.

By diazteamfdi
Written November 11, 2016
I personally love movies based on positive true life events. We need more family movies that could inspire our youth to be persistent in order to achieve their goals. Our kids need to understand that everything requires dedication and hard work. I see myself in this movie during my high school years and now as a teacher. Working in a small rural farming community I see youth hopeless because of the difficult situations they are in. They need motivation and I strongly feel this movie will serve that purpose very well. Thank you Disney and I hope you continue to provide us with more movies like this one. A must see movie! Rosie
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By elainecrasnick
Written July 03, 2016
Every American, especially kids, should see this movie. There are so many themes in it that enrich our knowledge of life: parenting, fatherhood, survival, friendship, the value of hard work and loyalty and above all, hope. Not only was it it beautifully acted, but beautifully directed. The photography was superb. It was inspiring and spellbinding.
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McFarland made me cry

By superhumanscott
Written July 03, 2016
Perhaps it seems too fairytale, too Disney, but it is based on a true story. Cast does a great job m a king the story heartfelt. It's worth a watch.
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By kelly685
Written April 25, 2015
This was a heart warming movie..... endurance, focus.....all pays off. It was a great movie!
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By melisunshine4u
Written April 25, 2015
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