Mayweather vs. Ortiz Fight Live Synopsis
Floyd "Money" Mayweather vs. "Vicious" Victor Ortiz, plus two undercards.

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Mayweather/Ortiz Fight Sept 17, 2011

By Holly Smith
Yes, I enjoyed the fight. Let me say it was my first time using Fandango and going to view a PPV fight. It was a nice experience to sit and watch 4 fights. I hope this will be done in the future...

Mayweather Ortiz

By sellcell2u
I really do believe that Ortiz would have kicked Mayweather's ass, if the fight would have stay legit. But after the head butt and the apology, Mayweather decided to be a sneaky, under handed punk...

Mayweather vs Ortiz

By wmjberg
It was great being able to go to the movie theatre to watch the fight.I was comfortable and was surprised there was not a full house....

Mayweather vs. Oritz fight

By Richard4506
I suppose my bias against Mayweather shines through in this review. I don't like him, his attitude and arrogance. I wanted to see him not only lose but to be brought back down to earth. The way he...

Complete waste of money

By cafriedland
Floyd's dirty tricks mean nothing. Until he fights the PAcman it's a waste of money...


By phatpat526
I didn't see that last round coming! I'm still smh....

Can't wait!!!

By kenziem1

Mayweather vs. Ortiz Fight Live review

By nikbottom
The 4th round was hillarious...Ortiz got knocked the "####-out"...Ortiz jumped up and head butted Mayweather and the it was a rap!...


By boricua41191
Every fight was a great fight. I feel the main event was great up until the end. I hate how everyone is putting the blame on Mayweather when Ortiz was the one who headbutted Mayweather and opened up...

Worth every cent, nickel and dime....!

By poncedude
However, the sport of boxing continues to deteriorate as never seen before. Biting ears and sucker punching. Unsportsmanlike conduct and all the hype of a one man that could have probably ended up...

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