Max Miller
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1894

Worked With

Year Name Title
1942 Wilfrid Hyde-White Asking for Trouble
1939 Martita Hunt The Good Old Days
1939 Allan Jeayes The Good Old Days
1939 Gordon McLeod Hoots Mon!
1938 Allan Jeayes Everything Happens to Me
1938 Martita Hunt Everything Happens to Me
1938 Eliot Makeham Everything Happens to Me
1938 Norma Varden Everything Happens to Me
1937 George E. Stone Don't Get Me Wrong
1937 James Stephenson Take It from Me
1937 Buddy Baer Take It from Me
1936 Percy Walsh Educated Evans
1935 Wally Patch Get off My Foot
1935 Norma Varden Get off My Foot
1935 Finlay Currie Princess Charming
1935 Henry Wilcoxon Princess Charming
1935 Francis L. Sullivan Princess Charming
1934 Vivien Leigh Things Are Looking Up
1934 William Gargan Things Are Looking Up
1933 Jessie Matthews Friday the 13th
1933 Gordon Harker Friday the 13th
1933 Eliot Makeham Friday the 13th
1933 Ralph Richardson Friday the 13th
1933 Wally Patch Friday the 13th
1933 Gibb McLaughlin Friday the 13th
1933 O.B. Clarence Friday the 13th
1933 Martita Hunt Friday the 13th
1933 Emlyn Williams Friday the 13th
1933 Edmund Gwenn Friday the 13th
1933 Jessie Matthews The Good Companions
1933 George Zucco The Good Companions
1933 Edmund Gwenn The Good Companions
1933 John Gielgud The Good Companions
1933 Finlay Currie The Good Companions
1933 Lawrence Hanray The Good Companions
1933 Wally Patch The Good Companions
1933 Dennis Hoey The Good Companions
1933 Jack Hawkins The Good Companions
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