Max Cullen

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Tobey Maguire The Great Gatsby
2013 Leonardo DiCaprio The Great Gatsby
2009 Danny Huston X-Men Origins: Wolverine
2009 Hugh Jackman X-Men Origins: Wolverine
2009 Liev Schreiber X-Men Origins: Wolverine
2008 Nicole Kidman Australia
2008 Hugh Jackman Australia
2008 Bryan Brown Australia
2006 Gabriel Byrne Jindabyne
2006 Laura Linney Jindabyne
2002 Eric Bana The Nugget
1999 Martin Donovan In a Savage Land
1999 Rufus Sewell In a Savage Land
1998 Stephen Dillane Kings In Grass Castles
1998 Susan Lynch Kings In Grass Castles
1998 James Fox Kings In Grass Castles
1997 Tony Martin Frontier
1997 Noah Taylor Frontier
1997 Hugo Weaving Frontier
1997 Richard Roxburgh Frontier
1997 Geoffrey Rush Frontier
1997 Frances O'Connor Kiss or Kill
1995 Richard Roxburgh Billy's Holiday
1994 Beverly D'Angelo Lightning Jack
1994 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Lightning Jack
1994 Pat Hingle Lightning Jack
1994 Paul Hogan Lightning Jack
1994 L.Q. Jones Lightning Jack
1994 Ben Cooper Lightning Jack
1989 Wendy Hughes Boundaries of the Heart
1989 John Hargreaves Boundaries of the Heart
1989 Wendy Hughes Luigi's Ladies
1988 Elliott Gould Act of Betrayal
1983 Alan Arkin The Return of Captain Invincible
1983 Christopher Lee The Return of Captain Invincible
1983 Michael Pate The Return of Captain Invincible
1983 Michael Craig Stanley
1982 Geoffrey Rush Starstruck
1981 Judy Davis Hoodwink
1981 John Hargreaves Hoodwink
1981 Geoffrey Rush Hoodwink
1981 Wendy Hughes Hoodwink
1979 Sam Neill My Brilliant Career
1979 Judy Davis My Brilliant Career
1979 Wendy Hughes My Brilliant Career
1979 John Hargreaves The Odd Angry Shot
1979 Bryan Brown The Odd Angry Shot
1978 Hardy Kruger Blue Fin
1977 John Waters Summerfield
1974 John Wood The Office Picnic
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