Matt Moore
Date of Birth
Jan 08, 1888
Birth Place:
County Meath, Ireland


Irish-born Matt Moore was the youngest of Hollywood's acting Moore brothers. After siblings Owen and Tom Moore had established themselves, Moore gave movies a try in 1913, and was almost immediately cast as one of the leads in the notorious Traffic in Souls (1913). His appeal fell somewhere in-between his brothers: he didn't have the charisma of Owen, but he was a far better actor than Tom. By avoiding the pitfalls of stardom, Matt Moore survived in Hollywood into the late '50s, though his leading-man days were over by 1930 and he had to be content with character parts. RKO's 1929 talkie Side Street gives modern viewers a rare opportunity to see all three Moore brothers in the same picture -- with Matt, the youngest, appearing to be the most mature of the group. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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