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Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake in 3D

By obermanp
Written March 21, 2012
This is for anyone who enjoys ballet and has a sense of humor and drama! It is original, beautifully choreographed, gorgeous cinematography, fabulous music and a multi sensual experience. I couldn't imagine enjoying ballet in a movie theater as much as I would a live performance, but my expectations were exceeded. My only regret was there were only 14 people in the theater. It made me sad this was not being enjoyed by all the people I know who love ballet. I took a guest from Australia, and she enjoyed it thoroughly. We both were expecting a traditional ballet, but loved this unique, non-traditional performance. We both said it was an experience we might never get to have if we had to wait to see it live. How are you getting the word out, because the theater could have been full?
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Matthew Bourne's Latest Movie production of Swan Lake

By Ramcee
Written July 26, 2014
I was highly satisfied with Bourne's video of the 1995 production, but I am much more satisified with this latest production. The magnificent overture alone, foreboding everything that is to come, was worth the price of the ticket. The choreography and musical numbers appear more current. The production will be best appreciated by viewers well versed on the swan myth and the oedipal conflict at the center of the story. The actors were a pleasure for the eyes and the acting was truly superior. The emotional music was excellently translated in the choreography.I took two friends of mine to the show, both full fledged addicts to the regular Swan Lake ballet. All three of us were delighted. however, we would have appreciated a short intermission, perhaps, before The Grand Ball scene. I will certainly view this movie production again and again!
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A different take on a classic

By jmstein1
Written March 21, 2012
I have seen Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake live and it was great. Different from your classic story of Swan Lake but definitely worth the viewing. Seeing it in the theater was just as good. There are always the right view of the stage and the dancers. Definitely worth a viewing in 3D.
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male swans inspire

By ecarmen
Written March 21, 2012
Fabulous music and great ensemble dancing by the male swans and stunning choreography for those parts.. Attempting to turn the first half into satire didn't really work and was distracting and with uninspired choreography. The 3D didn't work well, compared with 3D Pina where it worked beautifully. In Swan Lake, the 3 D seemed jumpy and not always in focus, so it was less useful. Maybe this was a function of too much stage action at times, with not great cinematography. The film was worth seeing for the sections of really sublime dancing of the male swan corps.
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Matthew Bournes' Swan Lake was a religious experience...

By johninballard
Written March 21, 2012
Monumental, brooding, moving, beautiful, awe inspiring, timeless, timely...there are not enough superlatives to describe this inspired creation by Matthew Bourne. The cast was exceptional. I want to see it again. I'll never be the same John in Seattle
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