By tmdemo
Written May 10, 2012
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okay heres the deal

By 16eparker
Written April 03, 2011
this movie has a sex scene. but there is nothing disgusting depicted. Its like looking at a peachy colored silhouette. the violence is not as bad as you would think for a R rated movie. Some blood can be seen at some moments. But not that bad. A man bleeds after getting shot a few times. But the blood is breifly seen. There is some "cool" looking martail art like fighting scenes, including people flying after getting hit by a metal pole, exploding buildings, some gun fire, and at one pont, there is a man who has a rusty broken up pole flys right into him. ( the stabbing is not on screen.), Leaving some blood on the computer screens that he was working on. There is one moment where the F-bomb is dropped, then some parts of when the main charicters say s**t. And you see at one point when he "flips the bird." I think its okay for kids 13+. It should have been PG-13.
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By ethantlambert738
Written June 10, 2013
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Five Word Review

By CigarPlayer
Written December 26, 2010
Amazing graphics acting technology movie
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