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By feinmadison
Written June 24, 2013
My child can do everything Matilda can but better then that cunning little ***** :{|}
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By Cool Movie Guy
Written August 08, 2007
Read my title!
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Sweet as Honey

By ZaEfron12
Written November 22, 2008
Finally at the age of 18, I sat down and watched Matilda. For most people, this movie is a cornerstone of their childhood, a movie that will forever be a childhod favorite that persists through the ages, and I can see why. The story centers around a young girl named Matilda, who has always been different from the rest of her family. It's not until Matilda starts attending school and meets a sweet teacher named Ms. Honey, that Matilda realizes just how powerful she really is. Now if I were a young child, I would find this movie to be exciting and magical in many captivating ways. Alas, being a young adult, I can't help but sit through the movie and wonder how Matilda managed to get a library card without an adult signature? And if Matilda obtains her powers when she's frustrated, how does this power continue when she is obviously happy and smiling? Kudos though to Danny DeVito for being able to direct and star in a film that manged to bring one of Roald Dahl's classics to life.
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By kfidler5
Written November 08, 2014
matilda is my favorit movie of alllll time!!!!!!!!!
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