Matheson Lang
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1878

Worked With

Year Name Title
1936 Eric Portman The Cardinal
1936 June Duprez The Cardinal
1936 O.B. Clarence The Cardinal
1935 Donald Wolfit Drake of England
1935 Moore Marriott Drake the Pirate
1935 Gibb McLaughlin Drake the Pirate
1935 Donald Wolfit Drake the Pirate
1935 Allan Jeayes Drake the Pirate
1935 Marie Lohr Regal Cavalcade
1935 Ben Welden Regal Cavalcade
1935 John Stuart Regal Cavalcade
1935 Ronald Shiner Regal Cavalcade
1935 Patric Knowles Regal Cavalcade
1935 Arthur Wontner Regal Cavalcade
1935 Seymour Hicks Regal Cavalcade
1935 Reginald Gardiner Regal Cavalcade
1935 Hermione Baddeley Regal Cavalcade
1935 John Mills Regal Cavalcade
1935 Gus McNaughton Regal Cavalcade
1935 Isobel Elsom The Wandering Jew
1935 Conrad Veidt The Wandering Jew
1935 Felix Aylmer The Wandering Jew
1935 Dennis Hoey The Wandering Jew
1935 Peggy Ashcroft The Wandering Jew
1935 Francis L. Sullivan The Wandering Jew
1935 John Stuart The Wandering Jew
1934 Constance Cummings Channel Crossing
1934 Edmund Gwenn Channel Crossing
1934 Bernard Miles Channel Crossing
1934 Nigel Bruce Channel Crossing
1934 Wally Patch Channel Crossing
1934 Kathleen Harrison The Great Defender
1934 Lawrence Hanray The Great Defender
1934 O.B. Clarence The Great Defender
1934 Robert Horton The Great Defender
1934 Cecil Parker Little Friend
1934 Gibb McLaughlin Little Friend
1934 Finlay Currie Little Friend
1934 Jean Cadell Little Friend
1931 Joseph Schildkraut Carnival
1930 Anna Neagle The Chinese Bungalow
1929 Julie Compton Scarlet Pimpernel
1928 Julie Compton Scarlet Daredevil
1928 Julie Compton Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel
1926 Julie Compton The Chinese Bungalow
1925 Moore Marriott The Qualified Adventurer
1921 Victor McLaglen Carnival
1918 Marie Lohr Victory and Peace
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